Certified Management Accountant: The Fast Track to a Six Figure Salary

CMA Fast Track to Career Success

Is your current accounting career not providing you with the financial freedom you deserve? You can enhance your career with a Certified Management Accountant certification!   The CMA designation is a surefire way to boost your overall career advancement and earning potential. With the CMA certification, you’ll soon be on your way to earning a six-figure salary! What is CMA, and … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About the CMA Exam

cma exam

Becoming a Certified Management Accountant opens doors to many prestigious, high-level jobs in accounting and finance. Although people who pursue CMA accounting are often high achievers, the CMA Exam is a unique challenge. Whether you are just curious or actively on a path to becoming a CMA, this article will cover all of the basics. I have coached thousands of … Read More

Your Path to Become an Accountant Without a College Degree

How to become an accountant without an accounting degree

Is it possible to get accounting certifications without a college degree in accounting, or will you have to go back to school?  You can, in fact, become an accountant without an accounting degree. If your bachelor’s degree is in something other than accounting, having at least two years of work experience can qualify you to take the CMA exam. If … Read More

CMA Experience Requirements: Determine Your Eligibility

Becoming a CMA requires some first, crucial steps. One, you have to pass the CMA exam. But even after you’ve put in the time and sailed through this challenging test, there are more CMA requirements to meet, including CMA education requirements and CMA experience requirements. It’s important that you know what you need to do and when, following the right … Read More

What Is a CMA? The Facts About Certified Management Accounting

what is cma

CMA stands for Certified Management Accountant. It’s a professional certification obtained by people who have an interest in finance and accounting, as well as executive leadership.  Unlike Certified Public Accountants, accountants who get the CMA designation tend to hold positions that involve executive decisions and strategy. There are numerous benefits to becoming a CMA, and it can be a great … Read More