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    1. Hey ,
      Can I open my own office after doing CMA ?
      Is this must to have another degree like MBA or something?
      Currently I’m persuing BBA 2nd year .

      1. Hi Khyati,

        The education requirement for CMA is to have a bachelor’s degree in any field. You won’t need another degree to fulfill the education requirement 🙂

        I wrote a blog post on careers that CMAs excel at. You can read it here: https://cmaexamacademy.com/cma-careers/


    2. Hi nathan. I’m pursuing with usa certified management accounting. I’m confident enough to clear both the parts by june(2021). As a fresher can i get a job in usa?

      1. Hey Shivani. Yes, the knowledge and skillset you’ll require while studying for the CMA is in high demand in the US and will help you land a job there.

    3. I learned that there is another association (CIMA) that offers this credential, based out of the UK. Which credential would be better for someone in the US who wants to continue working for global companies in the US?

    4. Hi ,

      I m having 8 years of experience in account and currently i am working as a Financial controller in a contraction company i want to pursue CMA i have following quires

      1) if i am having 8 years experience still i have to complete 15 months training ?
      2) is this course suitable to me to working in big company in the same position ?

      Suwarna Bhokare

      1. Hi Suwarna,

        Sounds like you’ve already fulfilled the experience requirement for the CMA certification. That’s awesome!

        Now all you need in order to become a CMA is to pass the exam.

        1) I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “15 months training”. Could you elaborate please?

        If you’re referring to taking a CMA review course, then it’s totally optional. The only requirement is to pass the CMA exam, and review courses offer study materials that help candidates prepare for this exam.

        2) The CMA can help you sharpen your decision making skills and give you more actionable knowledge. It’s a perfect fit for those who work in management accounting.

        If you’d like to enroll in a CMA coaching course, I invite you to visit CMA Exam Academy to learn how our course can help you study for the exam in the most efficient way.

        If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


    5. hi
      This is for my son, he is studying in Dubai for BBA , now in forth semester. He will plan to continue to take the MBA in business administration or finance. I have also desire to continue him CMA course in this same period. Can you advise me, if is it possible. About the coaching, is it online only ? do you have any coaching center in Dubai or Riyadh in Saudi Arabia ?

      1. Hi Ashraf,

        Thank you for reaching out.

        Yes, it is possible to study for the CMA exam while pursuing an MBA degree.

        If he devotes around 15 hrs/week to his CMA exam prep, then he can complete the course and pass both parts in as little as 8 months.

        Currently, I only offer online coaching. Check here the pros and cons of online CMA Review courses vs traditional classes.

        If you have any other questions, please let met know! 🙂


    6. Hello,

      I am considering sitting for the CMA exam. Should I plan on taking each part in a different exam window? For instance, Part 1 in the May-June window and Part 2 in September-October?


      1. Hi Dee,

        Definitely! I always recommend my students to take each part in different exam windows to increase their chances of passing the exam. It’s best to focus on one part at a time.

        Good luck!

    7. Hi…. I am working as a Credit Manager in one of the Indian Banks. Whether US CMA course will be beneficial in career growth? I come across so many job offers where CMA is not mandatory in India. How about taking up this course, if the person is not so good in quants.

      Thanks in Advance

      1. Hi Kiran,

        Although the CMA is not mandatory for many job positions, the demand for CMAs keeps growing and the sooner you become certified, the bigger will be its impact on your career.

        The knowledge you’ll gain while studying for the CMA exam is very practical and will help you excel at work and become a valuable employee. The CMA certificate will also facilitate getting you a promotion.

        To prepare for the CMA exam I recommend you to enroll in our online coaching course which is designed for accountants at all levels and provides coaching support so you can reach out for help as often as you need.

    8. HI

      1. Hey Salman,

        You can find all the steps you need to take to become a CMA in this CMA exam roadmap.

        And here’s my coaching course I recommend you to enroll in. It has all the study tools you need to help you prepare successfully for the exam and pass it on your first attempt.

        Let me know if you have any other questions.

      1. Please guide me for both the parts of cma in your guidance and with your academy for the october test window .Please

      1. Hi Stephanie,

        If you want to pursue the CMA designation, then you may be interested in my free CMA textbook promotion. Check it here.

        Hope this helps 🙂

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