My Secrets to Passing both CMA exams the first time

There is one question that I get asked the most by CMA candidates. I can totally relate to it because that’s the same question that I had before my prep studies. The question is, “Whose material will help me pass the exam!?” For a complete review of each CMA course, click here. With so many options to choose from, I … Read More

Proven Learning Techniques for the CMA Exam

While I wish I could say that there are shortcuts – magic learning tips that will guarantee success and take the grueling effort out of studying – the truth of the matter is, studying for the CMA exam is hard work.   These study tips certainly won’t cut the time and effort that goes into effectively preparing for the exam, … Read More

CMA Exam Calculator Rules

Fret not!  You can use a calculator during the CMA exam! But there are some rules and restrictions regarding which types of calculators you are allowed to bring.  Let’s take a look at them now so you can be prepared with the right calculator when exam day comes around.   According to the IMA’s CMA Handbook, calculators for use during … Read More

How to Become an Accountant

how to become an accountant

Are you thinking of becoming an accountant but are undecided or just don’t know where to begin? Here we’ll cover how to begin a career in accounting as well as the different opportunities that may be available to you in this profession. I hope you find this insight helpful in your decision making. Why Become an Accountant? Before we jump into how you … Read More

How the CMA Can Help You Become a CFO

Chief Financial Officer

So you want to be a CFO, but don’t know where to start.  Often to achieve any high level management accounting position, you will need to have a special degree or certification.   While there is certainly an array of different certifications you could obtain in pursuit of this goal, the CMA is a wonderful option that will  help you … Read More