The Best Studying Technique – SQ3R

best study technique for the cma exam

So you’ve learned how to keep yourself motivated to study continuously; kudos! Now the challenge is learning the material itself. It seems that the material is very difficult to understand or that you find yourself forgetting the very next day. I can understand your frustration. I was there too! Thankfully, there’s an almost bullet proof method for learning faster and … Read More

CMA Exam Changes Coming in 2020

There are some exciting new CMA exam changes coming in 2020. The ICMA has been working hard to design an exam that best tests the knowledge that CMAs in today’s working world will need in order to succeed. So how does this affect candidates who are currently studying? Keep reading to find out. Why Are They Making CMA Exam Changes? … Read More

Taking the CMA Exam In 2019? Here’s Your Roadmap

CMA Exam

On the fence about taking the CMA exam in 2019? I understand more than you could possibly imagine. When I was thinking about taking the CMA exam I procrastinated big time. The truth is, I nearly talked myself out of it several times until I realized the only thing holding me back was fear and the sense of overwhelm I … Read More

CMA Exam Tips for the Upcoming Testing Window

CMA exam tips

The next CMA exam testing window is approaching fast! Are you ready? If not, don’t worry, I have killer CMA exam tips in this blog post. It’s so awesome to see how much the CMA designation has grown in prestige over the years. A shout-out to all candidates taking the CMA exam in the upcoming testing window in the USA, Egypt, … Read More

CMA vs CPA – Which Track Is the Right One For You?

cma vs cpa

As a CMA, I am frequently asked about CMA vs CPA. Unsurprisingly, there tends to be quite a bit of confusion over the two accounting designations. Even more so when it comes to answering the question: Which of these certifications is right for me? Both the CPA and CMA certifications will help to maximize your competitiveness and earning potential, but … Read More