What are employers looking for in CMA employee candidates?

You’ve worked incredible hard, made many sacrifices and have finally earned your CMA designation. It seems like the hardest part is over… But then you begin to struggle with finding a job. Job hunting is no treat and has become incredibly difficult for new graduates because the competition is so fierce. If only you knew what employers were looking for … Read More

How to Become an Accountant Without an Accounting Degree

Do you like numbers? Are you detail-oriented and think that a career in accounting might be perfect for you? The only problem is you don’t have a related degree. You, like thousands of others, are interested in moving into an accounting career, but worry that it may be impossible without spending years in school earning an accounting degree. The good … Read More

The Ultimate Toolkit Every CMA Candidate Needs to Pass the Exam

Passing the CMA exam doesn’t happen by accident. You have to put in the hours of study time, you have to sacrifice your social life, and you have to be prepared to work hard. Real hard. The good news is, there are certain tools that can help you along your journey and will make passing the exam that much easier. … Read More

Gender Gap in CMA Salaries

The Institute of Management Accountants often undertake surveys in an effort to gain valuable information about their members, and the growth and change of the CMA One of the most popular subjects of these surveys involves salaries. In previous years we have been fortunate enough to see the continuous growth of CMA salaries in comparison to their non-certified counterparts. Unfortunately, not … Read More

CMA Exam Pass Rate Statistics from 2015

At the beginning of each new year the IMA releases the CMA exam pass rates for the previous year. On January 5, 2016 the 2015 stats were released and you may be surprised by the results. As you know, you must pass two separate exams in order to earn your CMA designation. Part One of the CMA exam consists of … Read More