CMA Exam Pass Rate Statistics from 2015

At the beginning of each new year the IMA releases the CMA exam pass rates for the previous year. On January 5, 2016 the 2015 stats were released and you may be surprised by the results. As you know, you must pass two separate exams in order to earn your CMA designation. Part One of the CMA exam consists of … Read More

CMA 2015 Salary Survey

Each year the IMA conducts a salary survey and compiles the results. The survey is a collaboration of its global members’ data and examines several factors including compensation in relation to qualification, management level responsibility, gender pay differences, as well as many other salary trends and employment related factors. These high level results give CMAs around the globe the opportunity … Read More

CMA Practice Tests

Taking CMA practice tests is one of the best ways to improve your scores. According to the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), pass rates for 2015 were just 36% for part 1 and 55% for part 2. By attempting one or more practice tests under conditions that simulate the actual CMA exam, you will learn how much time it takes you … Read More

Overcoming Failure

No one plans to fail the CMA exam, but the statistics don’t lie. An overwhelming number of candidates fail the exam every single year. In fact, the 2015 pass rates were not very encouraging. In 2015, IMA reported that only 36% of candidates passed Part One of the CMA exam and 55% passed Part Two. So what could have contributed … Read More

ACCA vs CMA – Which Is the Right One for You?

It’s no secret that there are plenty of accounting certifications available for you to choose from. The problem is finding one that’s best suited for you and where you want your career to go. I love sharing these comparisons with you because although I chose to become a CMA, it is not for everyone. So today I wanted to break … Read More