2018 CMA Exam Release Dates

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2018 CMA Exam Release Dates – What You Need to Know

After taking the Certified Management Accountant, CMA exam, the wait for your test results can seem never-ending…and let’s be honest, it does take a while!  

It will be approximately 42 days after the last day of the month in which you took the test before scoring is complete.  

Why does it take so long?  Simple.

While the multiple-choice questions are graded immediately by a computer, the essay portion of your exam is evaluated by real live human beings.

2018 CMA Exam Score Release Date Predictions


Test Month, 2018Score Release Dates (Predicted)Score Release Dates (Actual)
JanuaryMarch 14March 14
FebruaryApril 11April 11
MayJuly 12July 12
JuneAugust 11-13August 13
SeptemberNovember 11November 12
OctoberDecember 12December 12

One piece of good news!  Once your score comes out, you don’t have to anxiously stare at your mailbox for weeks wondering when your test results will finally arrive and release you from the mind numbing stress of not knowing…(If this is you, just breath.  You’ve already made it through the exam.  It’s time to let go.)  

You will be able to view your exam results on your IMA profile online as soon as they come out – 2-3 weeks before it physically arrives in your mailbox.

You may even get an email with your exam results.

Don’t worry if your score doesn’t show up on your IMA profile on the exact dates listed above. They are just estimations after all.  It may take a few more days or so…relax.

Get your mind off waiting, and take advantage of the time you have.

This is probably the first time you’ve had in months that doesn’t have to be completely swallowed up with studying. Enjoy it!  Spend time with loved ones, take a trip, have some fun!  

For those of you who just need to keep productive, take some of this time to get a jump start on your next steps in your CMA journey.  Prepare for the next exam, explore CPE and experience requirements, or embark on your job search.  

But just remember, you’ve made it through one of the toughest parts on your road to becoming a CMA!  So congratulate yourself, and allow yourself a break!

As always, thanks for reading.


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  1. Hi Nathan,

    Any chance October results are released today? Or is it looking more like tomorrow or Thursday?

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