CMA vs CIMA – Which Should You Choose?

Today I wanted to talk about two of the most notable designations across the globe – the CMA vs CIMA. As you may know, when you become certified as a CMA in the United States, it is overseen by the IMA – Institute of Management Accountants. In the UK however, this designation is handled by the CIMA, or Chartered Institute … Read More

What Is a CMA? The Facts About Certified Management Accountant

what is cma

CMA stands for Certified Management Accountant. It’s an approved professional certification obtained by people who have an interest in finance and accounting, as well as executive leadership roles.  Unlike Certified Public Accountants, accountants who get the certified management accountant (CMA) designation tend to hold positions that involve executive decisions and strategy. There are numerous benefits to becoming a CMA, and … Read More

CMA Exam Dates – Want to Reschedule?

CMA Exam Dates

Want to Reschedule your CMA exam dates? Planning for your CMA certification in 2024? Understanding the CMA US exam schedule is crucial for both domestic and international candidates aiming to align their exam prep with official testing dates. Here are the key CMA exam windows to consider for scheduling or rescheduling your exam: January 1-February 29 May 1-June 30 September … Read More

How To Fulfill Your CMA CPE Requirements (and Find Eligible Courses)

how to fulfill your cma cpe credit requirements

To maintain certification as a Certified Management Accountant, the Institute of Management Accountants requires you to keep up your professional education. You have to meet the CMA CPE requirements by logging hours of Continuing Professional Education each year. Understanding what a CPE course entails and the value of CPE hours can make continuing education a valuable and rewarding experience. CPE credits … Read More

My Secrets to Passing Both CMA Exams the First Time

My secrets to passing the CMA exam the first time

There is one question that I get asked the most by CMA candidates. I can totally relate to it because that’s the same question that I had before my prep studies. The question is, “Whose material will help me pass the exam!?” For a complete review of each CMA course, click here. With so many options to choose from, I … Read More