CMA Exam Dates – Want to Reschedule?

CMA Exam Dates

Want to Reschedule your CMA exam dates?

Preparing for the CMA exam can be pretty stressful, and if you don’t stick to a strict study plan then chances are you won’t feel prepared when the time comes for you to write the exam.

While this is just one of many reasons why you may want to reschedule your CMA exam date, there is a CMA exam reschedule procedure that you will want to follow so you don’t lose your money.

It’s super important to be aware of your available choices about the CMA exam, so you can make the best decision possible. So here we go…

Why Would You Reschedule Your CMA Exam?

There are so many reasons why you may feel the need to reschedule your exam. For example, you may be falling behind on your study plan like I mentioned above, there could be a family emergency, health issues, workload or more.

If your reason for rescheduling is more along the lines of feeling underprepared then you will want to make this decision no later than 1 month prior to your exam date to avoid financial penalties.

The CMA Exam Reschedule Procedure

The best way to reschedule your exam is by doing so 31 days or more in advance. Doing so is easy and you have two options. You can:

  • Call Prometric at (800) 479-6370
  • Change your date online using the Prometric website

If you are calling, it’s important to note that their offices are open Monday through Saturday.

Should you need to reschedule your exam due to a more last minute scenario and it is 30 days or less until your exam, you will be charged a $50 fee.

You cannot cancel or reschedule your exam within 72 hours of your CMA exam date though. If you do so, it will be considered a No Show and you will lose your entire payment.

Speaking of cancellations, you are technically able to cancel your CMA exam dates, but to not lose your money you must take the exam within the same testing window. Essentially, a cancellation is just a longer winded form of rescheduling.

Exam Extensions or Retaking the Exam

Life happens, but unfortunately there is no wiggle room to reschedule your exam to a new testing window. Once you book your exam it must be completed within that testing window, otherwise you will lose out financially.

If you have any fear of sitting for the exam it is better to wait to secure your spot, than book and have to reschedule.

Should you take the exam and not pass one of the parts, you are able to retake the exam, but you must wait until the next window. For example, you can only write Part 1 during the January/February testing window once. If you need to re-write it, you must wait until the next testing window; the earliest of which is May/June.

Additionally, you will be required to re-register and pay the appropriate fee to retake a certain part of the exam.

Before diving headfirst into the CMA exam registration process, make sure you consider what you are getting in for. If you work better on a deadline that’s great, but for those of you who don’t, it’s probably safest to register when the window gets closer so you can avoid having to reschedule and potentially lose any money.

When You Should Just Go For It

But if you have already booked your exam for a specific exam window and don’t feel ready to take it in that window, do it anyways.

What do I mean?

Whether you show up to your exam or not, the exam fee is a sunk cost so might as well show up and do your best to pass.

If anything, you’ll have experience taking an exam in a Prometric testing center so that next time you know what to expect.

All the best and study hard candidates!


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Got questions? Post them below and let’s get the conversation started.

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24 Comments on “CMA Exam Dates – Want to Reschedule?”

  1. I took my CMA USA Part 2 examination date on October 22, 2021. But I met with an accident and broke my leg and needed a long resting period. Since I was unable to attend my examination on October 22, I mailed my concern to IMA and IMA has postponed my examination window to January/February testing window, 2022. Unfortunately, I still haven’t recovered completely from my broken leg and I am unsure whether I will be able to attend my examination in the present window. I mailed my issue to ima 2 times but still haven’t received any reply. Can I get my exam rescheduled to the upcoming window if I submit relevant documents showing my present health condition?

    Thanks and regards,

    1. Hi Fathima,

      According to the 2022 CMA Handbook,
      “Cancelling your appointment with Prometric does not generate a refund or an automatic approved test window change. It only allows you to have the possibility to reschedule the appointment for a different date in the same testing window.

      You can cancel your appointment and reschedule it to another date within the same testing window if you cancel 72 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Prometric will charge you a fee if you cancel your exam within 30 days of the scheduled appointment date.
      If you cancel your appointment with Prometric in less than 72 hours of your appointment, you will forfeit your exam fees with ICMA, and you will need to purchase a new registration.

      You must sit for the exam during the testing window that you registered for.

      To cancel or reschedule your appointment online, please have your confirmation number ready and visit Or you can call 800-479-6370 if you are located in the U.S. or the Regional Registration Contact Center if you are located outside the U.S. Both options are available 24 hours, seven days a week. If you do not comply with the cancellation policy, you will be considered a “no show” and you will need to reregister with ICMA and repay the examination fee.”

      Hope this helps. If you have any questions about rescheduling, contact IMA’s customer service. Thank you

  2. I want carry forward my exam conducting on 8th December….. Not at all prepared and I accidentally registered first instead of second group… How can I opt out??? Is there any solution?

    1. Hi Gargi,

      Sounds like you’re preparing for the Indian CMA exam.

      I’m offering coaching for the US CMA exam only. You can learn more about this designation here.


  3. Dear Nathan,

    I have incorrectly registered for CMA part 2 instead of part 1. I have cancelled the exam already 4 months in advance. When will I get refund back in my credit card.
    Or how can I use that money to book part 2.

    1. Hi Rauf,

      For exam registration questions, please contact IMA’s customer service directly.


  4. Hii
    I want to cancel my registration for CMA foundation. Because don’t want to practice right now. I want my registration fee refund. Is it possible. As i am going to cancel my registration . So the registration fee is refundable i.e. 6000 rupees.

  5. Unfortunately, after studying hard and burying myself into studying, I failed my CMA part 1 exam. This is the ONLY THING that I’ve never expected, especially that I was only 10 points away from passing. Now, I requested a re-grading system. Will the regrading system actually work? Is it possible that they will add these 10 points so I can pass?

    1. Oh no, I’m sorry to hear you didn’t pass, Aylin! Unfortunately, I can’t weigh in on the odds for your score to increase after a re-grade.

      But even if your score remains unchanged, it’s important to not give up. You now have a strong foundation so you’ll pass next time.

      I have this video on my channel where I share the next steps to help candidates pass on their retake. I hope you won’t need it, Aylin. But if you do, there is a backup plan 🙂

  6. I accidentally cancelled my exam. Now I am trying to reschedule another exam appointment, but I couldn’t. It keeps telling me that this confirmation ID has been used before or cancelled. Is there any possible way to reschedule the exam again? Or do I have to pay again to reschedule another exam appointment.

    1. Hi Aliaa,

      Please reach out to the IMA to assist you through the rescheduling process. You can email them at ima@imanet[dot]org.

  7. Hi,

    Would you sell the online test bank questions alone as a separate bundle?
    if yes, please guide.

  8. I have cancelled my exam 30 days prior to the scheduled date of the exam. I would like to know will I be refunded back the money that I have paid for the exam?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Noora,

      No, I’m afraid not. If you don’t reschedule your exam within the same exam window, you will forfeit the exam fee.

      If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out.

    1. Hi Galal,

      I’m not quite sure about that. Please, check directly with IMA’s support team whether they can arrange that for you.

      Good luck!

  9. I want to write my exams by december but i have registered for june exam . I want reschedule due my family issues is there any way of rescheduling on december??

    1. You can’t reschedule to another window, you’ll just have to pay for a new exam window. You might as well show up for the exam in June and do your best.

  10. i want to reschedule my cma part 1 exam , but am not sure how ?? can you tell me the steps
    in prometric website it shows that i have two option
    1- reschedule Appointment ( which only allow me to change the date within the same month)
    2- cancel Appointment ( which will cost 50 $ )

    need advice

    1. Hi Kholoud,

      You have to input your confirmation number/tracking number and last name in order to proceed with rescheduling or cancellation. If you reschedule within 30 days from the date of your appointment, you will pay a fee of $50. Also, note that the exam cannot be reschedule to the next testing window. Further, cancellation must be made within 72 hours before the exam or else it will be deemed as a “no show”. Hope this helps.

      Thanks and Regards,

  11. Dear Nathan

    kindly i want to know about the available 3 years for pass two parts,

    this 3 years start from( pay charges for the first part) or (it`s start once i take my first exam)?

    Thanks & regards
    Mohamed Darwish

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