How to Prepare for the Essay Questions

The essay portion of the exams is worrisome to many CMA candidates, and this is for good reason. The essay questions consist of written and quantitative analysis and responses. Because of this, all CMA candidates should be well versed in word processing and electronic spreadsheet programs. What to Expect on Exam Day Each CMA exam has two essay questions, and … Read More

How To Fulfill Your CMA CPE Requirements (and Find Eligible Courses)

how to fulfill your cma cpe credit requirements

To maintain certification as a Certified Management Accountant, the Institute of Management Accountants requires you to keep up your professional education. You have to meet the CMA CPE requirements by logging hours of Continuing Professional Education each year. CPE credits are enforced and regulated to ensure that Certified Management Accountants are continually educated and up to date in the profession. It … Read More

CMA Online Classes in 2021: Good Exam Preparation?

CMA Online Classes

If you want to become a Certified Management Accountant, you need to pass the CMA Exam. While you can self-study, the CMA exam difficulty is well known. Serious candidates succeed by taking CMA online classes and sticking with a program of study. If you’re already working full-time or completing a degree while you go after CMA certification, you don’t have … Read More

The CMA Exam Essay Questions: Everything You Need to Know

The CMA Exam Essay Questions

The CMA Exam essay questions stress a lot of people out. After all, Certified Management Accountants typically have a background in accounting or finance — we’re not writers! As long as you’ve mastered the exam content enough to do well on the multiple-choice questions, some simple strategies will help you succeed on the essays, too. I’d like to share with you … Read More

How to Become an Accountant: Career Paths, Degrees, and Certifications

How to become an accountant

Becoming an accountant is not typically hyped up as an exciting career path — but it’s a more dynamic field than you might know. Many highly-paid and ambitious careers are built from a foundation in accounting. That’s because accountants are indispensable for any company. Career paths if you become a CMA include corporate executive positions, managing assets, heading up an accounting … Read More