How to Become a CMA

Making the choice to become a CMA is exciting, but understanding all the requirements to become a CMA can be overwhelming. Below, I have broken down the key information you will need in order to earn your designation. The CMA program lets you proceed at your own pace. You can earn a CMA certification in as little as eight months, … Read More

CMA Exam Pass Rates

What does it take to become a CMA? Passing the CMA exam requires discipline, commitment, but most of all, an unwavering dedication to study. You have to pass the CMA exam to gain a CMA designation and become a Certified Management Accountant. Being a CMA is a great career choice with tons of earning potential and work opportunities. But this … Read More

CMA Exam Calculator Rules

Fret not!  You can use a calculator during the CMA exam! But there are some rules and restrictions regarding which types of calculators you are allowed to bring.  Let’s take a look at them now so you can be prepared with the right calculator when exam day comes around. According to IMA’s CMA Handbook, calculators for use during the exam … Read More

How Is the CMA Exam Graded?

The CMA exam is not just one of the toughest, but also one of the lengthiest financial exam. A commonly asked question by many candidates is: “How is the CMA exam graded?“ It is important for every candidate to know beforehand the pattern of the exam and how to maximize their scores by knowing how grading is done. It also … Read More

(COVID-19) Your CMA Action Plan

Originally posted on This article will be updated regularly. Last update: June 27, 2020 You’ve probably had many conversations by now about COVID-19, so I will not go deep into the topic. However, I’d like to focus on its impact as it relates to your plans to become a CMA. Due to the unprecedented spread of this coronavirus, the World … Read More