Do You Feel Demotivated to Study for the CMA Exam?

study for the CMA exam

Preparing for the Certified Management Accountant exam can seem like quite a daunting task.

With fear and intimidation holding you back it can be hard to fuel the right kind of motivation that you will need to keep you on track throughout the study and preparation process. Not to worry because I’ve got some great tips and advice to keep you on track.

Keep a Positive Attitude 

The first step in taking on the CMA is to maintain a positive attitude and start building up your confidence.

You need to start the preparation process believing you will pass the exam. You can do this by creating a study plan that boosts your confidence as you work your way through the units.

Make sure you incorporate challenges that you can overcome to build that confidence and keep your goals in sight. It’s amazing how far a little bit of positivity will take you.

Be Realistic 

The CMA requires some serious time management and self discipline skills. In order to allot an appropriate amount of study time and you will definitely need to make some sacrifices in your personal life. It will all be worth it in the end when you walk out passing the exam.

Once you have found sufficient time in your schedule. create yourself an organized weekly study plan. Design it in a way that builds off of each lesson so that you are less likely to procrastinate. Doing it this way will also give you time to digest fundamentals before building on them.

The only way a study plan will work is if you stick to it. Try rewarding yourself for staying on track. Don’t be too hard on yourself and remember to give yourself at least one day off of studying during the week. Like training in fitness, your muscles need rest days; so does your brain.

Tips for Staying on Track 

The hardest part of reaching any goal is staying on track, especially when you have what appears like a lot of time.

Get your friends and family on board with your goal and make sure they understand how important achieving it is for you. You will shock yourself with how easy it is to come up with excuses and give in to all of the opportunities that will conveniently coincide with a study session along the way. Don’t do it! 

Understand that your time is valuable and you need to treat each study session as if it were a very important appointment. When it comes to your own personal success it has to come from within, there are no limitations only excuses. You can do it.

There are several other resources you can utilize to make getting through the CMA a much more enjoyable and attainable experience. Acknowledge your weaknesses and work to strengthen them. With the right tools, anyone can pass on the first try.

What else are you struggling with? Let me know by dropping a comment below. I’m here you guide you to exam SUCCESS! 🙂

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Nathan Liao

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8 Comments on “Do You Feel Demotivated to Study for the CMA Exam?”

  1. hi sir .. im a average learner .. and i dnt hv an educated family background … but i want to change evrythin .. my aim is to achieve a good name and fame and reach my level of max. nw in dec. im appearing 4 my cma examinations .. im feared about my schedule of preparations .. and i find no one to motivate me … get me good tips for clearing and achieving my goal

    1. Hiren,

      With the right method and tools, you can succeed at passing the exam. What’s your professional and educational background?

  2. Nathan, I am preparing to take both parts of the CMA exam in 8 weeks. I am currently using Wiley’s review material but using Gleim’s prep test for multiple choice questions. Is this a good mix? The other thing is I am intimidated by the essay and the time constraints. How should I approach the essay on the exam? Thanks in advance for your response.


    1. Hi Winston,

      Check out this post I wrote a little while ago about essay questions. Let me know if you have any questions after going through it. Thanks

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