CMA Exam Study Notes

What better to way to help you prepare for your exam than by sharing all my notes with you. These are all the notes that I wrote to prepare for my exam and pass on my first try. I’m adding new ones each week so keep checking back for fresh notes.

You may wonder why I’m giving this valuable resource away for free. Well, my aim is to see you pass the exam! Plain and simple.

Disclaimer: I don’t advice you to solely rely on my notes to study for the exam. I highly recommend that you also purchase a review system from Hock, Wiley or Gleim. My notes are meant to be a study aid only and a supplement to your review system.

If you haven’t purchased a review system and you are not sure which one is the best for you, I recommend that you read my review of each system to help you pick the right one.

CMA Exam Part-One Notes

- Budgeting & Planning Concepts
Characteristics of Successful Budgeting
The Budget Development Process
Top 10 Best Practices of Budgeting
Annual/Master Budget
The Cash Budget
The Direct Labor Budget
The Sales Budget
The Production Budget


CMA Exam Part-Two Notes

Coming Soon!


  1. I need a help in CMA Part 1

  2. I can not download your 12 week study plan.

    Can you please let me know the price of your package.

    If i am planning to take part 2 in October. is it possible if I start to study from now.

    • Hi Nouf,

      The free weekly study plan will be emailed to you one per week for the next 12 weeks. Are you planning on taking the exam at the end of October? If so, I think you have enough time. I recommend at least 12 weeks per part to be on the safe side.

      If you would like the entire study plan with much more information please visit the following page CMA Coach Study Guide.

      Best of luck on the exam! Let me know how I can help.

  3. I am user of Hock study materials & gleim Hock send their study plans every week to my mail box .What does ur complete package consists of besides study plan .I will be interested to purchase if ur plan simplifies more to suit my knowledge

    • Hi Riyaz,

      In addition to my detailed cma study plan, it includes all the strategies and secrets that I used to pass the exam on my first try. I’m sharing everything so that candidates like yourself may also pass.

      Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

  4. Nadia Gohar says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am living in Pakistan and recently passed D.Com (D.Com=intermediate).
    I want to appear in May-June exams for both parts combine.
    I want to pay CMA dues directly to my credit card and get coaching from my brother who is a ACCA finalist.
    Please inform me can it is possible? and how much I would pay to CMA body totally and when???

    • Nadia,

      Preparing for both parts within 2 months seems a bit too ambitious. Remember that the passing rate is 35%. I highly recommend candidates to prepare for at least 3 months for each part.

      • Hello Nadia
        I don’t think after passing just you can handle this exam in two month. Its better if you register yourself in first and start preparation. you can have two advantage if you register for
        1- for IMA you will be consider as a student member and you can save at least $100 in exam fee. More-than $100 in annual membership.
        2- You will be closer for your minimum educational requirement and learn a lot of stuff with in common in and IMA (IMA needs more in depth knowledge). Being and member of ICMAP, I found that after this exam is really difficult.

  5. YASHMI TUTEJA says:

    Hi Nathan,

    I want to know something…I am a Chartered Accountant passed from ICAI, India… But i am interested in making my career in Finance..Let me know the scope of CMA at present in the Industry and total cost to be borne… as i am residing in delhi…

  6. Devendra Thakur says:

    I wish to know self study tips.

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