The Ultimate Toolkit Every CMA Candidate Needs to Pass the Exam

Toolkit to pass the CMA Exam

Passing the CMA exam doesn’t happen by accident. You have to put in the hours of study time, you have to sacrifice your social life, and you have to be prepared to work hard.

Real hard.

The good news is, there are certain tools that can help you along your journey and will make passing the exam that much easier.

When I was preparing for the exam I used textbooks and practice tests, and audio reviews, but it still felt like something was missing. Though I had the support of my friends and family, I didn’t have the accountability of a coach or the moral support from a study group who understood exactly what I was going through.

In order to better help future CMA candidates crush their exam, I came up with the ultimate toolkit every CMA candidate needs to pass the exam. Read on to find out exactly what resources you need to pass your exam on the very first try.

The Ultimate CMA Exam Toolkit

One-on-One Coaching

What better way to know exactly what to expect on the exam, than by learning from someone who knows?

One-on-one coaching with a CMA like myself, is incredibly helpful because it gives you the opportunity to work alongside someone who understands the exam experience, and can answer any questions you may have.

Accountability Check Ins and Assignment Tracking

Keeping to a schedule and having someone to report to is a great way to stay on track. An accountability partner can motivate you to stay focused, and can be someone for you to lean on during those times you feel demotivated or want to procrastinate.

When you have an accountability partner you psychologically feel more inclined to do the work because you don’t want to disappoint them. A definite must have for those who suffer from a lack of self-motivation.

Textbooks and Test Banks

Using the right textbook is essential because this is where you are going to learn most of your material. You want to make sure you have an up to date version of your textbook, and one that you can follow along with easily.

In addition to textbooks, having access to an online test bank is critical. Test banks contain thousands of practice questions that give you insight into how the exam questions will be designed, and what sort of material you need to know.

Using test banks will also help you discover which subjects you are strong in and which ones are your weaknesses. This is especially helpful in helping you move forward with your studying, as you’ll know which areas to focus more on.

Video Lectures

Though textbooks are a must, many learn better using more interactive methods. Video and audio lectures deliver subject material to you in a different format, one that might suit your personal learning style better.

The advantage of video lectures is that you can see on screen formulas and answers, which may help you retain material better.

Audio Review

Listening to the material is a great option for those of us on the go because you can pop in a set of earbuds and learn while you travel or even when you’re doing household chores that require little effort, like laundry or the dishes.

Incredibly convenient and again, beneficial for those with an auditory learning style.

Exam Formula Guides

The CMA exam has several key formulas and you need to know them all. This is often one of the most challenging aspects of the exam, so having a formula guide you can refer to will be very helpful.

Private Study Group

Having a support group that is going through the same experience as you can be very helpful during your CMA exam journey, which is why having a private study group is so great.

Study groups let you connect with other students and give you the opportunity to connect with like minded individuals, bounce ideas off one another, and share study strategies.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and the same principle applies to the CMA exam. The more tailored CMA study materials you can use to help you prepare, the more likely you are to succeed. While some of these study methods may suit your study needs more than others, I find that most candidates thrive with this toolkit.

And it just so happens, you can gain access to every single one of these tools AND MORE by joining CMA Exam Academy. To learn more about how the CMA Exam Academy can help take your studying to the next level, click here.

Now tell me, what are you finding most beneficial to your studying? Is it flashcards, study groups or something else? Share in the comment section below.

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