How to Network as a New CMA

Are you a newly minted CMA? If yes, then half your battle is won. The reason being, you’ve done the hard work of seeing yourself through, but now it’s time to ensure the right people know about it too. After all, this new certification should lead to you getting lucrative job offers.

You wouldn’t want all the effort to go to waste nor can you rely on luck to help you get more job offers, so below are few things you can do that will explain how to get a job as a CMA.

1. Build Your Equity

Networking is the most useful tool – not just for getting new clients but also on getting leads on job offers.

Your process of networking with potential recruiters should start well before you are looking for a job. This means that you need to make yourself aware to the HR managers of the company you wish to work for and be in contact to build your personal equity. It includes sharing and exchanging relevant industry updates and insights, and positioning yourself as a professional CMA.

When the time comes for them to look for a candidate, you will be the first person they would want to interview.

2. Have a Strong Resume

If you don’t already have a strong resume, now is the time to work on it. A resume is often the first impression a prospective recruiter has of you.

Each time you meet someone who either directly or indirectly can help you get your desired job as a CMA, you will often need to send your profile or resume so that they have an overview of your background and experience. It becomes more important when they need to refer you to someone else since your resume is the first step in presenting your case for selection.

3. Meet the Right People

Networking is not so much about being at every event all the time, but more about showing up at the right place at the right time. This is often an under-looked aspect of networking.

You need to plan out for the next couple months and identify the important events in the world of accounting and finance. Once you do that, study the people who are going to be visiting the event especially those who represent the company you wish to join as a CMA. After that it’s all about communicating to them about your expertise and staying in touch to know about job openings that are not publicized.

4. Use Your Existing Network

Often times we look for jobs outside when they can easily be found within your network. You need to have a good idea about the quality and depth of your own existing network. This includes your contacts on social media, work colleagues, friends and family and others as may be the case.

Next, it’s important that you communicate your desire to get a job as a CMA. You will be surprised how often your own network will be more useful than direct approaching or cold calling.

CMA is a sought after certification and one of the persisting questions often asked is how to get a job as a CMA. Networking is about building and broadening your range of contacts and using them to your advantage when the time is right. It has to be an ongoing activity and the more you meet people, the more you get introduced to the right people, the more your chances of getting a job as a CMA.

“The starting point of all achievement is desire.”

– Napoleon Hill



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