Gleim CMA Review has a long and reliable track record. It is a proven review system and one of the most trusted publishers. There are several differences between Gleim and other CMA providers. As with any review course, it has its strengths and weaknesses. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Gleim CMA Strengths

1. Exam Simulation Close to the Real Thing

It’s very important to practice mock exams in the same format as it will be presented to you on exam day. Gleim does an excellent job at providing the candidate a simulation that very closely resembles the exam.

gleim cma review2. Your Own Personal Counselor

Gleim CMA includes in its Gleim Online package a counselor that can help you with any questions that you may have. If you get stuck on a practice question in the simulation, the counselor is available to help you.

3. Money-Back Guarantee

Gleim CMA offers a money-back guarantee if you don’t pass the exam. However, there are rules to qualify for their guarantee, and are extensive. Be sure to read them before making your buying decision.

4. Performance Tracking System

With your purchase, a performance tracking system is included to help you track your progress and guide you in the areas that need the most focus. This should help you hone in on areas of deficiency and limit time spent on the topics that you know well.

5. Essay Wizard

If you are nervous about the essay portion of the exam, Gleim offers an essay wizard that will help you practice and understand how essay questions are structured. This should help with the part of the test with which most accounting and numbers people struggle!

6. CMA Student Forum

Gleim also has a forum where you can ask questions and also read the questions/answers from other CMA candidates. This should help you vet your questions and see where you stand on certain sections.

7. Gleim’s 10% Discount!

Gleim has graciously extended a 10% discount to you, a member of the CMA Coach community. It only applies to their CMA products. To redeem your discount, simply click on the link below and you will automatically receive a 10% Discount during checkout: Get 10% Discount Now


Check our CMA discount codes page for more discounts and coupons for your CMA prep.

Gleim CMA Weaknesses

1. Accounting Background Necessary

In order to make the most out of Gleim’s review system, you must have a strong background in Accounting or Finance. Many candidates had to buy additional resources to help them understand the concepts on the CMA exam.

2. No CMA Assumed Knowledge Guide

Gleim does not have a CMA assumed knowledge guide to help candidates understand concepts at a deeper level. A guide of this type is even more important for those candidate who don’t have a strong background in Accounting and Finance.

3. Lack of weekly accountability like in a live course

65% of candidates fail the exam each year, and we don’t know how many give up altogether. Having an accountability plan in a review course to help candidates stay on track is key in passing the exam. Gleim doesn’t have this so if you need a structured approach to studying this course may not be a good fit.

My Suggestion

Gleim CMA Review is a solid overall course and can help you prepare effectively for the exam as long as you have a strong accounting background. If you are looking to purchase their entire review course (textbooks, audio review, exam simulation, personal counselor, etc) the cost is $1,124 (after the 10% discount).

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Gleim CMA Course Information

Gleim CMA Course Strengths 
1. Exam Simulation Close To The Real Thing
2. Your Own Personal Counselor
3. Money-Back Guarantee
4. Performance Tracking System
5. Essay Wizard
6. 10% Gleim Discount Code

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  1. hi nathan,
    im fom india n iwant to do cma.i want to take gleim mega test bank.i wanted to know whether gleim test bank questions has solutions if i go wrong in answering.can i cross check there a facility like that.tq in advance.

    1. Hi Harika,

      I am not sure exactly how Gleim’s test bank works but I have what you need in MCQ Mastery if you are interested. Check it here.

  2. What do you recommend for non accounting background ? I have very basic knowledge based on work experience.

    1. Hi Rahul,

      I recommend you my CMA Coaching Course, it is designed for accountants at all levels and has helped many of my students with no prior accounting background to prepare for and pass the CMA exam.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.


  3. My wife and I are both CPAs. We are planning on taking the CMA this year. Will any of these study guides allow for multiple profiles?

    1. Steve,

      I believe that’s not possible. It’s one per student. Shoot me an email and I’ll see what options there may be that may help accommodate your needs. nathan at cmacoach dot com

    1. First you need to buy a review course such as Gleim, then create a study plan or use my free study course by signing up to it on my homepage. Follow the plan and study hard.

      Alternatively, check out my online prep course where I coach my students to pass the exam:

  4. Dear Nathan,

    I am a commerce graduate. I am in late 20s, I want to earn some renowned degree / certification so that I can stand among respected professionals. I have no clue what CMA is, I have done some primary research that it is a global certification which helps in getting good job roles. I have work ex of 8 years and well of with management concepts which I have acquired by self efforts.

    I am not very bookish, I need a clear direction what to do.

    Specific answers required from you on following:

    Explanation on what is CMA all about
    Career prospective of CMA
    Study Material suggestion (crisp)

    Anand Mishra

    1. Hi Anand,

      I’d like to invite you to check out my FAQ page where you’ll find all the information about the CMA and answers to your questions. I could answer each one individually but feel that the page I’m directing you to has all you need and more.

      If you are looking for straight to the point type of material, I would recommend Gleim. If you are looking for an instructor-led course, check out CMA Exam Academy.

  5. Hi! Nathan

    I am a Science graduate (2004 batch) and would like to pursue CMA. Which text books and review system you would suggest me to buy so that I can grasp basic and advanced accounts & finance knowledge to pass the CMA exam. My job responsibilities involves working with budgeting and basic financial planning within my company.

  6. Hello Nathan,

    I am currently an MBA student with aspirations of completing my degree in the coming fall. I work full time as well. Someone in my position, practically how many hours do you believe is suffice to study per each part. I believe in Gliem and what it has to offer. Any information you have would be greatly appreciative.

    Thank you in advance for your time.

    1. Hi Aadedapo,

      Congrats on almost completing your MBA. That’s awesome! And now you plan on adding the CMA designation as well, double awesome!

      To pass the CMA exam, my experience tells me that studying at least 20 to 25 hours a week would be ideal. It depends on how knowledgeable you already are in Accounting topics. Some candidates with an accounting background study less than 20 hours a week. How comfortable are you with advanced accounting topics?

      1. Thank you very much Nathan for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer my question. In response to your followup question, I am fairly comfortable with advance accounting topics. I obtained my second bachelors in Accounting and have taken courses in accounting for my MBA. I do remember you referencing on your website that it is possible to study for each part as little as 3 months; Would that also include a study time of 20 to 25 hours per week?

  7. who would sogn for feb 2013 part 1 test
    maybe we can share some advices and tips for the exam

  8. Hello Nathan,

    extremely informative website, thank you!

    Can I get the exam simulation and performance tracking portion for Part 1 only at a reasonable price?I am already on course with Wiley IMA.

  9. Hi Nathan,

    You have a lot of great information on your website. I’m starting to look over how I want to study, select a review course (Gleim is what I’m leaning towards) and when to plan my exam. I am curious on how much time I should allocate to studying. I work full time and I’m not sure of even a ballpark timeline for what I should expect. 1 month, 2 months? or maybe a standard number of hours I should expect to put in? I know everyone goes at his/her own pace, but any insight is appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Hi Monica,

      Thank you for your kinds words. It’s all about helping you guys out 🙂

      Regarding your question, I highly recommend that candidates take at least 3 months to prepare and study 20 to 30 hours per week. I’ve seen candidates who’ve taken less time than what I recommend and failed the exam unfortunately. This is a though exam and giving yourself the time to study is giving yourself the time to succeed. Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

  10. Dear Nathan,

    I wish to go for CMA. But, I do not know from where to start, how to start…there is a starting trouble. I am a professional with a track record of 15 years experience in accounting, auditing and finance field. However, I am lacking in a solid qualification to enhance my career. I trust, you will throw some light….

    Thanking you



  11. Hello,
    I’m currently in my last semester of my bachelor’s in accounting. This Gleim review will help me tremendously to start working towards my CMA. I also have in mind getting my CPA, but this amazing opportunity will definitely alleviate the cost of buying two reviews. Gleim Reviews have been part of my college education. One of my professors really focuses on how important it is to get our certifications, and he uses Gleim so we can start learning. As a student, Gleim is very user friendly and I love how it is designed. I’m pretty sure this Gleim review will be very useful to me.
    Leticia Covarrubias

  12. Hi Nathan –

    I am looking to start studying this fall to sit for the CMA in the winter and late spring exam windows. I’ve spent some time over the summer reviewing the study material options available to me and have come to the conclusion that the Gleim course will best suit my needs. Some of the biggest drivers behind this choice are the exam simulations and variety of materials (online, textbooks, audio, etc.). I learn best by actually practicing and the advantage of a simulation of the actual exam itself will better help me prepare for the exam as I will be familiar with the format and timing of answering my questions. Additionally, having the ability to use Gleim online will help me quickly determine where I need to focus my study efforts (which I can supplement with the textbooks and audio). I also like how each part is broken out into 10 manageable study units (with a suggested 5 hour completion time for each unit). This will help me stay on track with my studies as the exam date draws near.

    The costs associated with studying and sitting for the exam (registration fees, study materials, exam fees, etc.) is not a small fee. Being able to get this system for free would significantly cut my costs down and make the remaining costs easier to handle if my employer is unable to help reimburse me for any of them. Having an accounting designation is something I’ve been looking forward to getting for some time now. Finally obtaining my CMA should definitely give my career a boost and help prove to employers that I know my stuff.

    Thanks –

  13. Hi Nathan,

    I am an accounting and finance professional living south of Salt Lake City in Utah. I have a dual degree in accounting and business management with an emphasis in finance. For most of my career I’ve been in the start-up and entrepreneurship scene. I started looking into the CMA a number of months back to sharpen my skills and to learn how to better translate my educational knowledge to managerial decision making. I feel strongly that the CMA body of knowledge, which covers both finance and accounting, and its emphasis on decision making and analysis, will aid me in my entrepreneurial desires and professional development. I have seen that correct decision making and keen analysis is key and integral to start-up and entrepreneurial success. I believe investors, banks, executives, and employees will place more trust and confidence in me and my abilities if I have the CMA designation behind my name. I feel I will be able to contribute to this exciting arena with far greater and positive results once I have achieved the CMA certification.

    The single greatest reason I feel Gleim will aid me in achieving the CMA certification is their comprehensive practice questions and practice exams, which are designed to mirror the actual CMA exams. According to my research, Gleim stands out in this regard and is the best on the market. I have always seen, at least personally, that the best way to master a skill set is to practice, practice, and practice. It worked for me in my college years and I’m sure it will be the key to my success in passing both CMA exams. It’s not enough for me to simply be familiar with a concept, I need to have it ingrained in me through the practice of doing problem after problem and to explore the application of the concepts through a host of differing angles, which is exactly what Gleim provides with their enormous amount of practice problems and solutions. I feel strongly that, due to my own personal learning style, Gleim will afford me the greatest opportunity for success because of their expansive question bank. On top of this, Gleim also expects their candidates to have some background in accounting, which I have, and Gleim’s approach looks to be very clear and concise. This means there won’t be too much redundancy in relearning material I already know. This will afford me extra time to master the concepts in the body of knowledge that pertain particularly to the exams.

    Winning this contest will benefit me greatly. For those who know, working in the start-up arena can be very tough financially. I have had to make enormous financial sacrifices to play a part helping build companies. Due to this, cash is tight, and winning this contest will be a significant factor in speeding up my ability to achieve my goal and desire of becoming a Certified Management Accountant.

    Tanner Stauss
    CMA to be

  14. Dear Friends
    I am from Asia and I had no experience in Internal audit but i wanted to do CIA. The time limitation that i had was with me was only 3 months. I did some home work and research and i reached conclusion that i should use Gliem CIA review as my Partner for CIA Journey as Gliem is percieved to be the best in the Market.
    I started CIA with dedication along with my job and ALHAMDULILLAH i was able to pass entire 3 parts of CIA in first attempts only in 3 months part time which was a great achievement for me and helped me a lot for my career advancement.
    From that time I am 100% sure that Gliem courses coupled with a dedicated study plan are a guarantee that you will pass for sure.
    Now I am planning for CMA for career Advancement so I will close my eyes and trust Gliem Review as my partner to make me achieve this.
    My CIA credit goes first to Gliem’ Material and then to my efforts.
    I am extremely thankful to Gliem for turning my efforts into success.
    I would highly recommend Gliem Review courses to all CMA candidates if they are dedicated and they want to pass CMA. Best of Luck to all.

  15. Hello Nathan,

    I purchased the Wiley package and I am having a hard time following it. When I signed up for the IMA membership, Wiley is what came across as the recommended study guide. Had I known about Gleim at that time, I would have purchased Gleim. Gleim offers very much what I need to keep me on track. The Performance Tracking is a huge plus as I am the kind of person that needs to know if I am on the right track constantly. Even though the time limit for the Online Test Simulation is listed as a weakness, I feel that it is a benefit for me as I have been pushing out my test date due to not quite feeling confident. This would force me to do it because of the deadline on the test bank with Gleim. The Exam Simulation is another plus. I have had test anxiety throughout all of my years in school and college. The Exam Simulation would help with the practicing of test tasting as close to actuality as possible. The personal counsler would help with the reassurance that I need. The Essay Wizard and retired essay questions is a big bonus also. On top of all this, the Money-Back Guarantee tells me that Gleim has confidence in their material and the reviews on Gleim shows that they are correct. This gives me a great deal of confidence in Gleim to be able to help me pass the CMA exams.

    Thank you for reading.

    Best Regards,

  16. Dear Nathan,

    Gliem CPA review course helped me to pass the CPA exam so surely CMA review will certainly help me to pass the CMA exam!!

    From using Gleim to pass the CPA exam, the Gliem textbooks are so helpful in preparing for any type of accounting certification, as they cover all the material needed to learn for the exams, and has many pages of practice multiple choice that I cannot say enough on how helpful and similar they were to the multiple choice on the actual exam. I was able to read through a section, highlight important parts and use the multiple choice to test my retention of material. If I answered a question incorrectly, I would re-read the material and create flashcards from the material to assure I fully understood that section. It greatly cut down my time in preparing as I would only focus on the parts I needed more studying.

    I currently work in public accounting, but am ready for a transition into the private accounting industry. I am ready to dive into the CMA exam with all my effort, which is exactly why I am interested in all the preparation materials Gliem offers for CMA preparation, from the Gliem CMA audio review, essay wizard, practice exams & test prep online features. With this Gliem is all I need to pass the CMA exam and be on my way to becoming a controller!!!

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Ashley Borek, CPA (soon to be CMA)

  17. Dear Mr. Nathan,
    I’m very interested in your website.
    This time I wanted to post a detailed comment telling you and all how and why I’m interested in Gliem CMA review course.
    Gliem CMA review will certainly help me and all candidates who study CMA using it pass the CMA examinations. If I or any candidate uses the great Gliem CMA package features properly then the success is very possible and easy.
    Gliem CMA textbooks are very comprehensive, covering all information required for the CMA exams, it is more and more useful for candidates who have an accounting background like me. And for candidates who don’t have a reasonable accounting background, the Gliem personal counselor will help them and will answer any question at any time. For me the most attractive feature in Gliem CMA review is that “PERSONAL COUNSELOR”. The personal counselor won’t only answer any question I ask; furthermore the counselor will also advise me on everything from how much study time I need to which parts to take first, make sure that I set the right goals and I’m doing the correct exercises to achieve those goals. The counselor will encourage me, provide me with confidence, will be with me step by step and will insure my success.
    Also I’m very interested in the Gliem CMA audio review, essay wizard, Gliem online, exam rehearsals™ & test prep online features. It is really a complete and inclusive package.
    As I’m holding a Bachelor of Commerce, accounting and finance, and I’ve 3.5 years of experience in accounting, the Gliem CMA review will realistically benefit me and help me becoming CMA quickly.
    At the present time I don’t have any CMA review. I heard and read so many times about Gliem CMA review, and I’m hoping to have Gliem CMA review. I haven’t started preparation for CMA because I didn’t buy any materials.
    I’m working and I’ve reasonable free time that enables me to study CMA course with Gliem review, and my learning style will be self-study.
    As I said above, Gliem CMA review will surely help me pass CMA exams, so winning this contest will make me at the future a successful CMA.
    As stated on Gliem website, Becoming CMA with the help of Gliem CMA review will give me the ability to work across the breadth and depth in the entire accounting process within the organization as well as proficiency in decision-making, planning and control function.
    As a CMA, I will be recognized for my achievement and
    distinguished from my peers. This will increase my credibility and productivity as well as provide opportunities to assess and demonstrate capabilities and expand my knowledge base.

    Hassan El-Tarjami

    With thanks & regards

  18. Hi Nathan,

    This review course will help me pass the CMA exam and get a raise at my job 🙂 It will also save me the money I don’t have to buy it. I really like the audio review course feature so I can listen to this on the road to and from work. Thanks for putting on this giveaway!

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