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ExamMatrix CMA Review uses computer-based adaptive learning to help students identify their weakest subjects and help CMA candidates pass the exam the first time through.

The adaptive learning method is an intelligent software that learns your strong and weak areas based on your exam simulation performance, and adapts the new exam simulations to focus more on your weak areas.

The entire Exam Matrix CMA review course starts you off with an assessment phase in the course. This is the base-line that the system will use to determine your competency in the various topics covered in the exam, and create exam simulations that will help you work on your weak areas primarily.

Prior to ExamMatrix, this course was called MicroMash and was released in 1986 as the first computer-based CMA review course. Since inception, this review course has always been on the cutting-edge in software exam review technology.

As with any review course, it has its strengths and weaknesses. Let’s take a closer look at them.

ExamMatrix CMA Strengths

1. Exam Simulation Close to the Real Thing

It’s very important to practice mock exams in the same format as it will be presented to you on exam day. ExamMatrix does an excellent job at providing the candidate a simulation that very closely resembles the exam.

2. Editorial Support

ExamMatrix includes editorial support with your purchase. What does this mean? It means that you can email their editorial support staff and ask for help with any questions that you may have about the content of the textbooks and test bank. This would be the equivalent of the Personal Counselor feature in Gleim’s CMA review course.

3. Adaptive Learning Method

This is the secret sauce in ExamMatrix’s CMA review course. This is the main feature that sets them apart from the rest. This method adapts to you and helps you focus on the weak areas so that you will perform better in the real exam. ExamMatrix attributes much of the success of the candidates who’ve passed the first time to this adaptive learning method.

4. Performance Tracking System

With your purchase, a performance tracking system is included to help you track your progress and guide you in the areas that need the most focus.

5. Retired Essay & Multiple-Choice Questions

ExamMatrix has a total of 2,401 multiple-choice questions and 28 essay questions in their test bank.

6. Customizable Study Plan

ExamMatrix has the only study plan module that is completely customizable to fit your schedule. What I really like about this feature is that it’ll create a custom study plan based on your exam date, how many hours a day you can allocate to studying, and how many days per week. Simply amazing!

7. Money-Back Guarantee

ExamMatrix offers a money-back guarantee if you don’t pass the exam. For those of you who need that type of guarantee, you will only find it with ExamMatrix and Gleim. All other publishers don’t offer it. However, there are rules to qualify for their guarantee, and are extensive. Be sure to read them before making your purchase.

ExamMatrix CMA Weaknesses

1. Accounting Background Necessary for Faster Learning

The textbooks are concise and to the point, which is great for candidates with a background in accounting, finance, or business. If you have this background the review course will accelerate your learning which  is a strength, but for those without this background, the learning speed will be slower. If ExamMatrix had a CMA Assumed Knowledge Guide as a supplement, I think it’d be very useful for the candidate.

2. No CMA Assumed Knowledge Guide

ExamMatrix does not have a CMA assumed knowledge guide to help candidates understand concepts at a deeper level. A guide of this type is even more important for those candidate who don’t have a strong background in Accounting and Finance.

3. Time-Limit on Test Simulation

In the near future, the entire ExamMatrix system is going online. If you purchase it today, you will need to download it to your computer. It’s not web-based yet. Once it is though, the time-limit on the entire system will be of 18 months. Other publishers offer unlimited access.

4. Limited Supplemental Resources

There’s a lack of supplemental resources such as flash cards, bibliography, or an exam tips guide. However, it has a glossary and many candidates have used it as a flash card module.

5. No Audio or Video Materials

ExamMatrix does not offer audio or video materials. I wish they did as it would complement their review course nicely and be very helpful to those candidates who would like these tools for further review of the material.

6. Software Intuitiveness

From all the CMA review course software I’ve used, I would conclude that ExamMatrix is not the most intuitive. However, it is the nicest to look at. It takes time to learn to navigate and understand what each button is for. What I did like however is that they offer almost daily live webinars for new users.

I took one of these webinars and it made all the difference. I understood what every button did and how to navigate through the software. After you purchase your Exammatrix course, I HIGHLY recommend that you join on one of their live webinars. It’ll save you time and help you make the most of their course.

My Suggestion

The ExamMatrix CMA Review Course is a state-of-the-art computerized simulator and it includes the Rigos CMA textbooks. The Adaptive Learning Method of ExamMatrix is light-years ahead of any other CMA course provider and will help any CMA candidate conquer those weak areas and pass the exam.

If you have a background in accounting, finance, or business and prefer an accelerated studying program, look no further. ExamMatrix is the right CMA review course for you. This review course is also the most economical. It also offers a pass or money-back guarantee.

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  1. I have a couple of questions about your review and review course comparison. On the review course comparison, you indicate Exam Matrix offers a CMA Assumed Knowledge Guide and Flash Cards, Bibliography, Glossary. However, in the Exam Matrix review you state in the weaknesses section that there is no CMA Assumed Knowledge Guide and Flash Cards, Bibliography, Glossary.

    Which is accurate, the review or the course comparison?

    1. Steve,

      Thanks for catching that. I’ve corrected the Comparison chart. Exammatrix does not have those specific supplemental materials.

  2. I passed the first part of the CMA exam having only been 90% ready as per the study program. I am very pleased with exammatrix and am using it to study for the 2nd part of the CMA exam.

  3. Thank you for all your entry into the giveaway. Your responses were fantastic! The winners will be announced shortly.

  4. The simulation of the exam matrix is very much close to the real exam scenario .When a diagnostic test is done through the simulation it not only tells where you stand in terms of knowledge, but hint out the subject areas one is weak and provides solutions that will improve our efficiency .

    the essay part we lose our confidence and immensely fail . but the exam matrix definitely doesnt let you down and many retired essay questions gives a complete picture of how to comprehensively write with regard to the subject with out deviating from the question .

  5. Exammatrix will benefit me greatly in my goal to passing the CMA exams. I feel the adaptive learning approach that Exammatrix provides will allow me to figure out where my weaknesses are and where I should focus most of my study. I tend to want to review all material available to me, which can take a lot of extra time. Exammatrix adaptive learning will help me to cut out redundancy or review that I don’t technically need. Also, I am a huge advocate of learning by doing. Exammatrix has extremely similar mock exams, which will help me to limit test anxiety and unknowns come test day. On top of that, they have a very large retired test question database to pull practice questions from. I find that I learn best through regular, consistent, and repetition practice, especially when it comes to problems that have calculations. I feel that, for the reasons I’ve mentioned, and a host of other reasons unmentioned, Exammatrix will be a great benefit to my goal of one day becoming a CMA!

  6. I believe Exammatrix will help me by working on the areas it determines i need to concentrate on, through its “secret sauce” method. I also believe by holding my accountable, to an extent by determining my study plan for me based on my date of the test and how often i can study. I’m determined, but being held accountable and seeing the reality of what needs done will help tremendously!
    Any help with the essay portion would be great as well.
    Practice makes perfect!

  7. Exammatrix material will be beneficial for my essay section as well as my mcq part which i am missing so far and my confidence will boost up as i am sure that i have covered all the required material for exams. but the addition of exam review to my study materrial will help me evaluate my knowledge properly.

  8. My opinion is that if one has already studied the fundamentals of accounting then ExamMatrix will help to prepare candidates for the CMA exam in the shortest time possible due to their Adaptive Learning Method. And let’s face it, most of us are full of ambition but short on time! I also like the idea of a money-back guarantee.

  9. exam matrix is the best way to pass cma i had use it for part 1 & i pass & i will start to study part 2
    it was helpful for me because its contain a good questions to study & its simulate the real exam regards

  10. The ExamMatrix is a helpful source and I gain time to accelerating passing CMA,
    and the test simulation in ExamMatrix is I think it is green light and gurantee way to achieve
    the dream of owner this CMA.

  11. ExamMatrix seems to be a comprehensive, easy-to-use , and provide exactly the right information to pass the exams, covering what is required by the CMA Learning Outcome Statements without including any unnecessary topics.

  12. I think as per the demo the ExamMatrix is very helpful for candidates to pass CMA exam , I was using other review courses but I can feel that by the ExamMatrics review course you can acheive your gool in a reasnable time, money and efforts.

  13. Hi….the exam matrix CMA review course is precise and simple enough to understand the concepts easily… It gives an in depth explanations for each topic .plus essay wizard is more helpful to practice& prepare myself for the challenge .

  14. The ExamMatrix material really looks like a comprehensive system that has the potential to greatly increase the likelihood of passing the CMA. I plan to sit for both parts in the spring and this program would be amazing. The exam simulations, essay preparation, and customized study plans provide the material necessary. Andy, the support system and tracking capabilities make it even stronger. I have an extensive accounting background (A.S., B.A., MBA, and M.S.), so I am not bothered by your note that this system assumes an accounting background, that is actually a plus in my book.

  15. ExamMatrix material will be a good source of information that i need in passing my first CMA exam.

  16. The ExamMatrix Reference Report and Rigos textbooks are helpful tools for CMA candidates who’ve been out of an academic setting for a while. I’m upgrading my skills after a 15 year career in banking. While the IMA provides a suggested reading list, the reviews on Amazon for most of those textbooks are negative. In combination, the diagnostics from ExamMatrix and the CMA textbooks from Rigos are more helpful and less expensive than purchasing the individual textbooks suggested by the IMA. The IMA does provide an extensive list of ratio definitions needed for each section of the exam. Perhaps it’s not a comprehensive list but it does serve as an assumed knowledge guide especially for candidates without an accounting or finance background.

  17. Exammatrix material will be beneficial for my essay section plus any extra things which i am missing so far and my confident will boost up as i am sure that i have covered all the required material for exams.

  18. In my opinion ExamMatrix with its adaptive learning technology (the ‘secret sauce’) is a fantastic tool to get ready for the CMA exam. Besides this technology it is the performance tracking system which divides this learning method from others in the market. Both helps a lot to focus on my weak areas so I can perform as good as possible in the exam.

  19. I believe the essay wizard will really help me to focus on the proper way to write the questions so I can pass the exam. Plus with my accounting background I feel this course is best suited for me. I work in the real world so I need something that assumes the basic accounting knowledge as I don’t have a lot of spare time.

  20. The CMA review course is a great vehicle to help drive me to studying to accomplish my goal of passing the CMA exam. This would help me continue to enhance my creditability within my organization.

  21. ExamMatrix will help me pass the CMA exam because the review course questions are close to the real thing and the exam wizard helps understand how the exam questions are structured. ExamMatrix also has an adpative learning technology which narrows down on topics I need to spend more time reviewing and produces a reference report showing the questions I got wrong and where to find the answer in the book. ExamMatrix will definitely help me pass both parts of the CMA exam on my first attempt.

  22. the cma review course can teach me how to understand, learn, and process the information required to pass the CMA Exams. It will help me refresh my memory in order to learn more efficiently and productively allowing me to pass on my first try

  23. Hi Nathan,

    Just a question o the time limit. If I buy if now, then i will not be subject to the time limit, but if i wait till november when it is online, then i will?


    1. That is correct Jimmy. I would advice you to purchase now if you can so that you get an unlimited access to it.

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