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When it comes to learning advanced topics of the CMA exam, it can be frustrating and quite challenging. I know because I felt this way when I was studying for it.

If there had been CMA exam videos explaining the tough topics, I would have watched them over and over. The problem was that there were none. I know you are just as frustrated as I was, so I want to help.

I will post CMA exam videos that you can watch as many times as you would like in my YouTube channel. You can also find them on the right hand bar of this site for quick access.

Watch my CMA Exam Videos Now

As I finish a video, it’ll be uploaded there. If you cannot find a CMA exam video on a topic you were looking for, leave a comment at the bottom of this page. I will add it to the list.

In these CMA videos, I will go over the topics in a question format, similar to what you will find on the exam. I want you to be as familiar as possible to the CMA exam format. These videos will be a good addition to your CMA test prep.

If you are looking for in-depth video lectures and would like me to teach you each topic in the CMA, check out CMA Exam Academy.

Until next time!

Nathan Liao, CMA

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62 Comments on “CMA Exam Videos”

  1. HI Nathan

    in may-june window i have given my part2 exam and went to essay session so finally waiting for result ..Now im feared with part1 exam so plz can u guide me how to clearly understandable the concepts.


    1. Hi Dhanush,

      Congrats on taking the Part 2 exam! You got to the essays, so that’s a good sign! 🙂

      If you need additional help with your preparation for Part 1 exam in the form of coaching support, a step-by-step study plan and video lessons, please consider enrolling in the lite coaching course.

      And let me know if you need anything else, I’ll be happy to help!

  2. Hi Nathan, I am Adnan I plan to pear in Feb 17 CMA Fin Accounting + Management accounting + IT so plz help me in this thanks

  3. Hi Dear Nathan;

    I would like to learn wheter these videos have subtitle or not. Because I watched some videos of other resources which are not clear because of speaking very fast. It will be too difficult for ones who doesnt speak english as their mother language like me.

    Thanks in advance,

    Best Regards,

    1. Hi Mustafa,

      Unfortunately, we don’t have that feature yet but will be considering your suggestion for our future videos.


  4. Hi Nathan,

    Thanks for all the support you are providing us in preparing for the exams.

    I decided to take up CMA part 2 first, but i do not see much videos on part 2, any specific reason. Could you please upload some videos on Corporate Finance topics

    Thanks for you help in advance.

  5. Hi Nathan,
    Your doing a marvelous job, hats off to you!
    I am planning to take part 1 in january 2015, kindly inform, me does your instructor-led video course covers the explanation of all topics of part 1 along with appropriate examples? if I have the basic knowledge of accounting, will these videos be ample enough for me to understand any topic in part 1?

  6. Hi Nathan,
    I want to know that which book is the best for CMA each Part-1 & how much cost. please guide with detail. Please give me best tips for passing the exam i am going for study for part one.

  7. Hi Nathan,

    I want to know that what the passing persentage required for CMA each Part.
    please guide with detail.

    Please give me best tips for passsing the exam i am going for Exam on 28 Oct 2014 (Kuwait) part 1

  8. Iwould like start to CMA — please can advice me – where do i start and anything focused


    1. Abdelbagi,

      Glad you are interested in the CMA designation. Start with my CMA FAQ page to learn more about the credential and how to get it. Let me know if you have any questions.

  9. hi
    i have a small doubt on CMA training requirement hope you can answer my questions…….

    i am currently in the USA and do not have work-authorization visa,so basically i can not work here… having said that i ca do voluntary job here….. so my questions is if doing a voluntary job for two yrs come under the CMA training requirement.
    i have worked in indian C.A office (Public Accountant) back in india for five years….will that experience count under the CMA training.


    1. Hello,

      Given that the CMA is a global credential, your experience in India does count but I advice you to contact the IMA directly to inquire about your specific situation. They will be able to give you a definitive yes/no answer. Sorry I can’t be of more help. I just want to make sure you get the correct answer straight from them.


  10. Dear Nathan,

    I am planning to give cma exam in September window. I want to know which review material is best for preparation of cma exam.

    1. Gleim is a fantastic system if you have a background in accounting. If you do not, Wiley’s system will be a better fit as they provide more in-depth content. Both are my two top favorites.

      Use Coupon Code CM14C to get a 10% discount with Wiley. By clicking on Gleim’s link you’ll automatically get a 10% discount as well.

        1. Hi Kristoff,

          Thanks for asking! Back then I only had the CMA Coach blog, and after many requests from my readers I created the CMA Exam Academy and launched my video coaching course that I was offering along with Wiley’s materials. A couple of years later we introduced our own study tools (the interactive textbook and the test bank with adaptive-learning technology) and I launched my flagship course which provides the best preparation possible for the exam and has helped my students pass the exam on their very first attempt.

          If you’re looking for CMA study materials, then I wholeheartedly recommend the CMA Exam Academy 🙂

          1. Are Wiley, Gleim, Hock and ExamMatrix also of the opinion that your “flagship course” is the best for preparation for the exam?

          2. Other providers haven’t tested my course, but I’ve received great feedback from my students who followed my program and passed the exam on their first attempt.

  11. Dear Nathan,
    I would like to request you, if you could please upload an example of incremental unit time learning model. I am having real difficulties in solving the questions, since I don’t seem to understand the bookish explanation.


  12. Hey Buddy How Are You ? I Have A Request Please Teach Us The Allocation Of Joint Products Cost And By Product Costing ! Waiting 😀

  13. Hi Nathan,
    Thank you for this very useful website. so I am studying for part 2 , where can I find the videos for part 2?

    1. Yes Wakar, I’m posting videos on Friday evening. Please come back on Saturday morning and you’ll see more videos 🙂 Thanks for your patience.

  14. Hi Nathan,
    Just to bring it to you attention, you have uploaded same video twice, with a different name.


  15. Dear Nathan,
    Thanks a million for starting this helpful website. I have a request for you, is it possible for you to explain the more difficult questions of learning curve? For example, the one pasted below.

    Donehart Corporation produces agricultural vehicles. Most of the component parts for these vehicles are subcontracted to reliable vendors. The final assembly of all vehicles is accomplished at Donehart’s plant. Donehart’s Engineering Department has developed a new fuel injection system that can be produced in-house because of the availability of production capacity. The first production run of the new fuel injection system has already been completed in-house. This 80-unit production run took 60 direct labor hours per unit to produce based on the cumulative average labor hours per fuel injection unit. Donehart has experienced an 80% learning curve with similar products, and this experience indicates that learning tends to cease by the time 640 systems are produced. Donehart’s direct labor cost (including employee benefits) is $18 per direct labor hour. Donehart’s management must decide whether to continue producing the fuel injection system or to subcontract the work. Donehart’s purchasing agent has received a proposal from Midland, Inc., a company specializing in fuel injection systems. From past contracts, Midland has proven to be efficient and reliable. The terms of Midland’s proposal are outlined below. – Donehart must supply all materials required for the fuel injection system units. – The first 80 units produced by Midland will require direct labor input at the rate of 56 hours per unit. Current direct labor cost is $20 per hour. – The direct labor cost charged to Donehart will be the hourly rate in effect at the time the work is performed. Midland is currently negotiating its labor contract, which includes a 4% increase in direct labor cost and should be applicable when Donehart signs the contract. – A learning curve factor of 75% will be applied through the first 640 units produced, and all benefits derived from the learning factor will accrue to Donehart. – Donehart must pay the actual labor cost incurred plus a 5% margin. If Donehart manufactures the units in-house, how many total hours will it take to complete 1,000 units?

    1. Hi Ali,

      Thanks for the suggestion. I will do my best to get to is soon. The list has gotten so long with all the requests that poured in, but I’m happy to make these videos for you guys. Keep the suggestion coming!

      1. Dear Nathan,
        I requested a solution for this question last year. Can you please help post it.


  16. Glad you replied quickly thnx and keep uploading but I have a request on variance videos to be uploaded soon because I’m sitting in Jan window for part 1 so I would be very thankful to you for your help waiting for videos brother Nathan !

    1. Waqar, I’m almost done with a few more videos. They’ll be uploaded on Saturday. Just wanted to give you an update 🙂

  17. Dear Nathan Brother You Are Great Thanks For Upload On Request ! Waiting For Other Videos ! Can I Assume Those Videos Coming This Month ?

    1. Hey Waqar, I’m glad you like the videos. I will upload new videos each week so come on back to this page weekly 🙂

    1. I had the flu for a few weeks and it delayed the work on the videos a bit. I have scheduled a few to be published this week.

  18. Hey Brother Nathan ! You Really Are Helping CMA Candidates I Have Rigistered And Have Paid Entrance Fee Now I’m Setting In Exam This Upcoming Try Jan-Feb For Part 1 And 2 I Have Putted A lot Of Time Studying Part 1 And Part 2 Now Im Practicing Questions From The Publisher I Know That I Can Pass The MCQ Part But I Am Worried About ESSAY TYPE.
    Can You Advise Me On This!
    And I Have A Request Can You Please Upload The Variances Lecture Or Problems Video Its My Weakest Area In Part 1
    Cheer !
    Waqar Akmal

    1. Hi Waqar,

      I’m working on the variance analysis videos. I got many requests for those topics. Check back soon. I will have some videos up.

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