The CMA is the credential that can deliver a tangible return on investment.

According to the salary survey conducted by IMA, CMAs earn on average $115,763 while non-certified professionals earn on average $92,639. Individuals in the accounting and finance profession with no undergraduate degrees earn on average $48,859.

The following list will give you a good idea of what CMAs in various positions earn on average. Figures are presented in thousands:

Top Level Management Senior Management Middle Management
Executive Vice President $226 Vice President $153 Director $133
Partner $178 Divisional Vice President $141 General Manager $126
Corporate Treasurer $163 Corporate Controller $101 Divisional Controller $113
Senior Vice President $152 Consultant $99 Manager $101
Chief Financial Officer $132 Plant Controller $97
President $129 Assist. Corporate Controller $83
Owner $124 Supervisor $81
Chief Executive Officer $114 Chief Accountant $73
Principal $113

Lower Level Management/Entry Level Academic Positions
Financial Analyst $83 Dean $139
Auditor $80 Professor $122
Systems Analyst $77 Department Chair $100
Senior Accountant $71 Associate Professor $95
Staff Accountant $52 Assistant Professor $88
Administrator $86
Instructor $60


Calculating Your Average Salary

This is a quick way to calculate how much you could potentially earn if you become a CMA.
(This calculation was taken from the Strategic Finance magazine the IMA publishes each month). 

Start with this base figure $75,807
If you are TOP-level management, ADD $28,000
OR if you are ENTRY-level management, SUBTRACT $25,995
Number of years in the field_____, TIMES 700
If you have an advanced degree, ADD $13,873
If you hold the CMA, ADD $11,126
If you hold the CPA, ADD $10,193
Your Estimated Salary Level _______


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2 Comments on “Earning Potential”

  1. Muhammad Ramzan Tufail

    Respected Sir,

    I am writing to ask some questions regarding Salaries. In this above article, you mentioned estimated salaries (Start with Base Figure $75,807). It mean Monthly CMA can earn minimum 6,317.25. But i want to know which type of companies gives us this salary. Because, you know that lower level companies cannot give this package.

    I am living in Dubai, here we can get this salary…?

    1. Nathan Liao

      Hi Muhammad,

      The salary potential a CMA holder can obtain highly depends on where they work, industry, company size, etc. There are many variables but the IMA did a great job surveying current CMA holders. The IMA releases their annual salary survey on their website. If you look at it, it may provide further details about your country.

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