Yaeger vs Roger: A Full CPA Course Comparison

yaeger vs roger

CPA prep is an all-important season of focused studying. This intensive time of memorization and skill-building is best aided by a solid CPA review course. Deciding between two of the best and most popular options, Yaeger vs Roger, is a common dilemma.

Both of these programs have helped thousands of students prepare for the CPA exam, and they both have features that work better for some students. However, there are a few key differences that sway people toward one or the other. 

Check out our in-depth review of Roger CPA, and read on for a direct comparison with Yaeger CPA on all the important factors in a quality CPA study program.

Yaeger vs Roger: Price Comparison

price comparison

One of the first things you should look for when shopping online for a CPA course is the price. Whatever you’ve budgeted towards CPA exam costs should be accounted for (no pun intended) as you choose a course. 

Here’s how the price difference between Yaeger and Roger breaks down:

Least Expensive → Most Expensive
Yaeger Single CourseRoger Single CourseYaeger 4-Part PackageRoger Premiere PackageYaeger Unlimited AccessRoger Elite Package

Both Yaeger and Roger let you buy each of the courses individually. This is a very helpful option if you are retaking the CPA exam or need additional support for a specific section. Yaeger and Roger both have financing options that can offset the initial cost of their courses.

Winner: Yaeger is less expensive than Roger for individual components. Keep in mind, though, when you really look at the full package, the price is essentially the same for what you get.

Yaeger vs Roger: Free Trials

yaeger vs roger free trials

Both Yaeger and Roger let you try at least some CPA course components before you make a full investment. This can be a helpful way to see how the course materials are set up, preview instructor styles and read through practice exam materials.

Yaeger Free TrialRoger Free Trial
3-Days free, no credit card required.
Select one of the four exam sections
7-Days free, no credit card required.
FULL course access

Winner: Roger is the clear winner in terms of the value offered in the free trial. You get full course access for a longer period of time.

Yaeger vs Roger: Pros & Cons

yaeger roger pros cons

Both Yaeger and Roger are quality CPA review courses that have comprehensive study materials for all four sections of the CPA exam. If you want to learn all of the relevant subject matter and practice with real CPA exam materials, either course can offer some advantages.

There are some pros and cons to each. Read on to learn the benefits and drawbacks to each of these courses.

Cons for Yaeger CPA Review

  • Some people find the videos a bit outdated
  • Expires in 18 months (unless you upgrade to the most expensive version)

Pros for Yaeger CPA Review

  • Over 140 hours of classroom style video instruction, complete with a whiteboard
  • Thorough answer explanations
  • Digital textbook that corresponds to video courses
  • Good sized test bank (4,300)
  • Exam simulator
  • Full review in a cram course version (accelerated timeline)
  • Instructor support (24-hour)

Cons for Roger CPA Review

  • Fewer supplemental materials
  • No final review tests

Pros for Roger CPA Review

  • Unlimited practice exams
  • Extra textbooks, study notes, and digital flashcards
  • Engaging videos taught by expert instructor (and founder), Roger Philipp
  • Affordable
  • Customizable
  • Huge test bank (6,000)
  • Quick, easy lectures
  • Smartpath Predictive Technology focuses your efforts and predicts when you’re ready to pass
  • Mobile app
  • Licensed CPAs for student inquiries

Winner: Tie. Yaeger and Roger are fairly evenly matched in terms of benefits and drawbacks. So the decision of whether to buy Yaeger vs Roger may come down to specific course features that appeal to you. For example, Roger’s video lessons are engaging and well-liked, providing extra motivation to study. And if flexibility is important to you, Roger’s top-tier package includes lifetime access and cram courses.

Yaeger vs Roger: Course Features


Like most CPA courses, Yaeger and Roger share some basic, similar features. The quantity of practice questions and some of the course components do vary.

CPA Course FeaturesRoger CPA ReviewYaeger CPA Review
CPA practice questions and task-based simulations9,780Over 4,300
CPA practice testsUnlimited (from practice questions)Unlimited (from practice questions)
Final review
Video lectures
Live online options
Digital flashcards
Printed flashcardsPrint-your-own option
Free updates
Unlimited accessWith “Elite” packageWith “PLUS” option
Audio course
Free trial

Winner: Ostensibly, Roger has a higher number of features and some more modern integrations than Yaeger. 

Yaeger vs Roger: Final Score

final score

Between Yaeger vs Roger, many students will probably pick Roger. Yaeger has an old school flavor to it. Even with comprehensive course options and features, some students may not like the traditional classroom-style videos or benefit from the audio courses. 

Roger has more CPA practice questions and task-based simulations, which enhances exposure to the breadth and depth of CPA exam topics. Combined with the Smartpath technology and unlimited practice exams, these features contribute to a 91% pass rate for Roger CPA students.



Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Yaeger vs Roger.

Is Yaeger CPA Review Good?

Yaeger CPA review is a high quality course with a moderate sized test bank, video courses, audio content and textbooks. It covers all of the subjects on the CPA exam and will provide in-depth study options to prepare for the test.

Which is the Hardest of the CPA Exams?

Most test takers think that Financial Accounting and Reporting (or FAR) is the hardest part of the CPA exam. It is often thought of this way simply because it is a very comprehensive section that requires a high degree of subject mastery. Many people won’t have learned these concepts, even in an accounting program. This just means that candidates should be sure to use as many practice materials as possible, take practice tests, and realistically assess how much time they need to be ready to take the CPA exam.

How Much is Roger CPA Review?

There are a few different ways to buy the Roger CPA review materials. You can buy it by subject for $649 per part, or the entire course for $1,499.

How Long Does Roger CPA Last?

There are three options to buy the Roger CPA course. If you buy an individual course section, for $649, you will get access for 12 months with the option to extend month-to-month once that period has expired. The Premiere Package is available for 18 months and the Elite Package provides unlimited access.

Have more questions about the CPA exam or CPA review courses? Ask your Yaeger vs Roger questions (or other questions) below!

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