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Hello CMA Candidates,

Giveaway Update – December 22, 2013: 

First of all, thank you for participating in the Wiley CMAexcel giveaway. Also thanks to Wiley for sponsoring it. Their new learning system is so advanced and effective, that all candidates will greatly benefit from it.

Now it’s time to announce the winners of this giveaway. Here we go! 

Winner #1: Mai Phuong! Congrats!! You won an entire Wiley CMAexcel learning system for part-one and part-two. Email me from the same email address used to enter the giveaway, and provide your address where Wiley will ship your prize.

Winner #2 and #3: Barakat Abdel Motaleb! and Eddie R! Both of you won a learning system for part-one OR part-two. You get to choose. Email me from the same email address used to enter the giveaway, and provide your address where Wiley will ship your prize. Also let me know which part you’d want the learning system for.

Congrats to all three of you! For the rest that did not win, don’t lose hope. There are more giveaways coming soon. Check back regularly.

End of Giveaway Update

As many of you may have heard, Wiley acquired CPAexcel, a company with state-of-the-art technology and innovative test-prep strategies, and have integrated it into Wiley’s CMA and CPA learning systems.

The CMA learning system is now called Wiley CMAexcel, and has improved so much that it’ll be a fantastic learning system to use for the CMA exam.

I got my learning system and have gone through it. It is just spectacular! I think you will love it too.

photo (27)

New Features of Wiley CMAexcel

  • Focused study content added at the start of each section.
  • Content streamlined and focused (e.g., repetitive content removed).
  • Essay questions in new improved test bank.
  • Access to test bank and online intensive review is now easier and simpler.
  • Unified software platform with Wiley CPAexcel – better experience for the student, and more like the real Prometric exam than any other publisher.
  • All sections now have bullet-point content outlines as well as the full text.
  • The best CMA flashcards in the market today.

Wiley CMAexcel has teamed up with CMA Coach to give away 3 grand prizes to 3 members of our community.

What’s in the Wiley CMAexcel Holiday Giveaway?

cma_ls_oir_large cma_learning_system_large

The contest is FREE to enter and ends on December 21st at 12pm PST so don’t miss out on your chance to win one of the 3 grand prizes. 

Prize #1: One full Learning System for Part One and Part Two + flashcards + Online Intensive Review.

Prize #2: A Part One or Part Two learning system. The winner gets to choose.

Prize #3: A Part One or Part Two learning system. The winner gets to choose.

Wiley CMAexcel Contest Rules

The rules to enter the contest are very simple:

  1. At the bottom of this page, post a comment telling me which feature of the new Wiley CMAexcel you like the most, how it’ll help you pass the CMA exam, and why this learning system is the best fit for you.
  2. Like this page on Facebook by using the Facebook Like button at the bottom of this page.

Both rules must be met to enter the contest. If you miss one of them, unfortunately, your entry won’t count.

When is the deadline?

The deadline to submit your comment and LIKE this page on Facebook is December 21st at 12pm PST. That’s in three days.

The prizes will be delivered directly by Wiley CMAexcel within a week or two from closing the contest and choosing 3 random, and very lucky, winners.

If you are new to CMA Coach, I encourage you to subscribe to this community and stay informed of the giveaway. In addition, you will receive my free 12-week study course that is already helping over one thousand candidates prepare for the CMA exam.

Best of luck to all of you!


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35 Comments on “Wiley CMAexcel Holiday Giveaway”

  1. Unified software platform-closely resembles the actual exam. I’m looking for new job and I need to be se to focus on the topics that are most important so I can pass the FIRST time around!!’

  2. I like the Unified software platform with Wiley CPAexcel – it is very important for me to use a system that is closer to the real exam system. it gives me more confidence when sitting for the actual exam.

  3. It has a full learning tool with synchronization for anyplace, real time learning and personalized metrics which allow to manage study, and review and practice tests in a time-frame based on my schedule.

  4. I believe that the inclusion of the essay questions into their online testing bank will greatly enhance the overall capabilities of this study system. A comprehensive system such as this would really help with the study required for the CMA and using a variety of methods, such as the reading, online content testing and flash cards will help ensure passing the exam on the first attempt. This format is ideal and would be extremely helpful for my study and mastery of the material.

  5. The streamlined content would be a great benefit allowing me to repeat the areas I feel I need to concentrate on rather than covering repetitive material that I’m confident I know. The improved test bank would also be invaluable as maintaining a current test bank would be essential to testing preparation.

  6. Hello
    I like accessing test bank and the flash card coz it save time I will pass by using these features

  7. I think the first feature ” Focused study content is added in the begining of each section”, will be very helpful, as we really get confused when starting to study.

    I highly appreciate your support and cooperation.

  8. I like the essay questions in the new improved test bank the most. I think the portion of the CMA exam that includes essay questions can be very challenging and time consuming so having good practice and effective preparation on how to deal with essay questions can be very beneficial by resembling the real exam scenario. The CMAexcel learning system best fits me because it seems like a complete study package. It provides anything you need to pass from study questions and essay questions to flashcards and text materials.

  9. I like the new function that focused study content added at the start of each section the most. This function will significantly improve the efficiency of study and review.

  10. I love that this program has everything included. I really think I would be able to nail the CMA exam with all of the tools Wiley offers. In particular, I think the test bank and intensive reviews will help me practice and focus on the points that I need most. I’d love to have this! (hint hint)

  11. the bullet points makes study easy…as well flash cards and unifeid software…its more advantageous to prefer wiley than other materials

  12. Using Wiley CMA software,vedios,multiple question bank will help me pass out C M A exam in 90days.its very easy to understand the concepts,

  13. I think this is the best method to pass the CMA exam and practice and practice will guide me to my gool.

  14. nothing easy but every thing have its own value i thing its a special step of WILY to prepare such software for students, and it will help us more in our learning.

  15. Most liked feature is the Unified software platform with Wiley CPAexcel – better experience for the student, and more like the real Prometric exam than any other publisher.
    it will help me pass the exam from the first try, as it will makes me more confidence in my exam and less stressed better than any other publisher as stated.
    this learning system is the best fit for me as I feel like the authors really want to teach (versus just want me to pass) through the book, as it worth to be read and learn..

  16. I like the new Wiley CMAexcel Platform more than any other Platforms. Because it has the most helpful features I like such as:
    1- The multiple choice questions test bank and intensive reviews will help me practice and focus on the topics of my weaknesses including the Assay questions and it will help me pass out CMA exam in 90 days.
    2- The Flash Cards will help me to understand the concepts and the most important Mathematical rules well and faster than any other Platforms.

    3- The new feature that focused study content included at the beginning of each section and the full text included will help me effectively achieve my study plan.
    4- The Online review will help me getting myself very near from the real exam environment.
    For all these reasons I like the new Wiley CMAexcel which will lead me to pass the CMA in a relatively short time as 90 days.

    Thanks to Wiley CMAexcel.

  17. Thank you for holding this contest. I think the flashcards and the essay question test bank will be most helpful to my studying. It will help me pass the exam by helping me focus my studying on test specific items. This learning system is a great fit for me because it allows me to study on my own time and on the go in small increments with the inclusion of the flashcards.

  18. – Content streamlined and focused
    this point it’s the most helpful in the new Wiley CMAexcel Platform because it removed repetitive content and this my time not wast

    – Essay questions in new improved test bank.
    I trust in Wiley about Essay it is very helpful and like the exam

    thanks for CMAcoach and Wiley.

  19. It has a full learning tool with real time learning experience and personalized metrics which allow to manage study’s a per available time and review and practice tests in a time-frame based on my convenient schedule .

  20. The feature of the new Wiley CMAexcel I like the most is that it consists of a complete textbook plus two-year access to an online test bank with 2,000 multiple-choice questions, including essay questions as well.

    This will help me pass the CMA exam and is the best for me because it is a comprehensive study tool that includes both theory (the textbook) and practice (the test bank).

    Consisting Wiley CMA Learning System

  21. Sir Nathan, first of all thank you for this opportunity.

    High quality review comes with a price. Wiley CMA review is the most expensive because it gained its reputation of generating many CMA professionals. Now that it launched a new product is a clear representation of their drive for innovation to help more candidates acquire CMA credential. The improvement of the test banks with essay questions gives a great difference in the product. Essays are really challenging that’s why there is a need for intensive preparation.

  22. The new and improved unified software platform will substantially increase the likelihood of passing the CMA exam. Understanding the layout and format of Prometric is half the battle. Now that the new software platform closely resembles Prometric, it will ensure future candidates a solid base. It will eliminate early confusion of the test structure and allow candidates to focus more on the content itself.

  23. Hey,

    I like Wiley Flash Card system. It really helps to memorize key definitions and concepts of different topics. It really helps to revise things quickly before exams.


  24. Dear Nathan,
    Thank you for bringing us this fantastic opportunity to get the WILEYexcel! I’m gonna answering your questions as follows:
    1. My most favourite feature of Wiley CMAexcel is the essay questions with improved test bank. Why? To save money, currently I’m self-studying CMA and It does take me a great amount of time in learning how to find exercises, brainstorm and give a complete answer for the challeging essay part. The theory is one of the hardest one to remember for a fresh graduate like me, so by praticing many essay questions from CMAexcel, I can review all the knowledge I got and deeply understand how to apply it in the workplace.
    2. Why this learning system is the best fit for me?
    + All sections now have bullet-point content outlines as well as the full text: It will not only allow me to concentrate on the main point of each chapter but also teach me how to summarise the content of something, which is one of the most important skills for a management accountant. Because everyday we have to face with tons of information from the other departments, so time management skills, the ability to summarise and quickly see the main point of each issue are the skills that I need to improve the most.
    + Self-studying: CMA flashcards and CMAexcel streamlined and focused, mock exam, intensive review do help me a lot to widen my knowledge and get acquainted with the real test environment, especially when there are no teachers to support me. CMA flashcards will help me to quickly understand and remember the core concepts and mathematical formula.

    I admire those people of Wiley for continually improvement on CMA review materials to help candidates achieve their goals in the career path. This new product with those outstanding abovementioned feature will support us much much more than ever before!
    I’d love to have it.


  25. the best feature of this for me, would definetly be the book itself, my friend used gleim books and said it was what helped her pass from the first attempt,
    the gleim review would be enough for me to pass, also not forgetting the online test bank which will be very helpful for me.

    thank you nathan for this great oppurtunity to enter the competition.

  26. Dear Nathan,

    I am in a process to prepare myself for IMA CMA examination, First of all, In my views, Wiley is the authorised publisher of IMA that proves that they have quality material in their exam kits. i review kits in which most favorable for students is the adoption of Questions from different bodies that tells the expected parameters of CMA USA exam questions. And also explain the answers in detail that fruit full for self study. Further i analyzed the exercise of wiley that stats from the begining level and end on the final level of knowledge of the topic. In short, it is complete kit for exam.

  27. Thank you all for submitting your comments. 3 random winners will be chosen in the next hour and will be updating this post with their names. Check back shortly.

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