Today, our CMA Family Grew by 51

In a little over a month since CMA Coach launched, our family grew by 51 subscribers! Your continued feedback is making this community awesome! Without you, CMA Coach wouldn’t exist.

There are great things coming in 2013, and here are a few  of them:

  1. Part One & Part Two Study Guides
  2. Review of CMA Prep Courses & Study Material
  3. Discounts on study materials just for you
  4. Interviews with CMAs
  5. Interviews with new CMAs. If you’ve recently become or will become a CMA in 2013, I’d love to interview you
  6. Video Tutorials on Exam Tips and Exam Content
  7. An online forum exclusively for CMAs and CMA candidates. You’ll get all the help you need for your exams on this forum

Some of this will be free and others will cost a little. But because you’ve joined our CMA family in 2012, as the paid courses become available you will receive a 50% discount. It’s my way of saying, Thank-You!

If you haven’t joined yet, it’s not too late. All you have to do is enter your email address and click on the Subscribe button in the form below before 01/01/2013, and that’s it. Share this post with your friends and family or anyone else who you think may benefit from this.

Again, thank you for your continued support. You guys make this community an awesome one!

Lastly, I want to wish you a Happy New Year, and that in 2013 you may achieve your CMA credential.

Best Wishes,


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