The only reason CMA Coach exists is to help professionals like you prepare and pass the CMA exam on your first try. All the thank-you emails that I’ve received keep me motivated to continue and do more for you through this site.

For those of you who haven’t taken the exam yet, I hope that the following testimonials will confirm that you’ve come to the right place. I’m here to guide you and answer any questions that you may have about the CMA and the CMA exam.

“Thank you for creating a very helpful site for aspiring CMAs. I will check your posts regularly.” James  P.

“Thank you sir for supporting me and my CMA studies.” – Mohamed Habib

“Firstly, I appreciate your great work as well as your kindness for supporting us. I’ve read your study guide and it’s very helpful for the CMA student. Specially the study plan and summary details of each section which we have to study. Once again I’m expressing my sincere appreciation for your great support. If you don’t mind I will contact you for more help.” – Rajeesh KP


“Hello Nathan, I’ve been reading the study guide and it’s really helpful to have an idea how the exam is divided. It was of great help to know in detail every section, since some schools don’t offer that information to students. As undergraduate senior, it’s very important to have the advice of an actual CMA professional about this exam. I really liked how the study plan is divided. Thanks for sharing your knowledge about this exam.” – Leticia Covarrubias

“I read through it on my computer and a second time on my iPad.  I think you’ve done a great job of laying everything out that we need to take care of and study for in order to pass the exam.  The format is great, it makes sense and seems to flow nicely through each step that you have outlined.  This study guide is definitely going to help many candidates throughout this process.” – Allison Ruffino


“Overall what I liked best about your study guide and ties in to my overall impression is that I like the well thought out plan. As your title suggests, you are ‘coaching’ the students through the process. You set out a logical path to completion. I believe the study plans are very well drawn. You show the objectives for each section and the progression makes sense. My overall comments are a big thanks to you for taking the time to help your fellow CMA candidates. So many times those that pass exams, just move on and forget that they too once were in the shoes of a student. I think everybody will benefit from the study guide that you’ve created. Thanks again Nathan.” – Kimberly M.

“My overall impression of the study guide is that it’s very useful. My favorite chapters are How to Pass the First Time and SQ3R. The weekly study plan will help those who don’t have time to create one. God bless you and help you in your life like you help us.” – Andrea Assad

“I have found the CMA study guide to be a valuable resource. Thank you.” – Narendra Bhat


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