Surgent vs Wiley: A Detailed CPA Course Comparison

surgent vs wiley

Adaptive? Check. Comprehensive? Check. Multimedia? Check. Surgent vs Wiley is a tough decision between two popular CPA review programs that tick a lot of important boxes. 

Both CPA programs are well-liked by people who are studying for the exam, but there are some differences that may make one of them an obvious choice for you. If you’re looking into Surgent CPA and Wiley CPA, read on to learn the difference between these two good options and which features tip the scale for your distinct preferences.

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Surgent vs Wiley: Price Comparison

surgent wiley price comparison

A first point to consider when it comes to buying a CPA review course is cost. Here’s how Surgent and Wiley compare in terms of financial investment.

Least Expensive → Most Expensive
Surgent Essentials PassSurgent Premier PassSurgent Ultimate PassWiley EssentialsWiley ProWiley Platinum

Winner: Surgent is the hands-down winner in terms of cost and value. The entry-level package is significantly cheaper than Wiley’s, and includes all the learning and practice materials you’ll need. Upgrading to Surgent’s Premier package means you pay similar prices to Wiley, but you get valuable one-on-one CPA coaching. Surgent also has financing options, so your payments can be as low as $145/month.

Check out our CPA discounts page for the latest offer from Surgent. 

Surgent vs Wiley: Free Trials

free trials

Both Surgent CPA and Wiley CPA review courses offer a free trial. They don’t require the input of a credit card and will give you full access to the program for a limited time. 

Downloading a free CPA exam trial is a good way to preview the course materials and learn whether it’s the right study option for you.

Surgent Free TrialWiley CPA Free Trial
5-Days free
FULL course access
14-Days free
FULL course access

Winner: Wiley has a longer free trial, which is the only real difference between the two options, making it a slightly better choice. Most people can get a good feel for a software pretty fast, but if you want a little longer to decide, two weeks of a free trial may be helpful.

Surgent vs Wiley: Pros & Cons

surgent vs wiley pros and cons

Both Surgent CPA and Wiley CPA have been around for many years. The features for both programs have grown considerably and have a lot of benefits. Of course, there are pros and cons for each. Read on to learn more about what they are.

Cons for Wiley CPA Review

  • One of the more expensive CPA courses
  • Less detailed video lectures than some other courses
  • Many online reviewers say the app is unstable/unpredictable

Pros for Wiley CPA Review

  • Never expires and no fee for renewal
  • Highly detailed CPA textbooks
  • Test bank of 6,000 practice questions
  • Detailed answer explanations
  • Exam simulator mimics the test-taking environment
  • “Bite-sized” microlearning content

Cons for Surgent CPA Review

  • Brief lectures that some online reviewers say could be more in-depth
  • Shorter free trial

Pros for Surgent CPA Review

  • Unlimited access (no cut-off)
  • One of the largest CPA test banks, with 7,700+ practice questions
  • Personal Study Planner
  • Mobile flashcards app
  • The short lessons are good for busy professionals
  • Adaptive learning technology customizes your experience (so you study only what you need to)
  • Audio course content
  • ReadySCORE: 99% accuracy to determine test readiness

Winner: Tie. Wiley and Surgent both have pros and cons. If you prefer text-based learning, Wiely’s higher cost could be offset by its comprehensive textbooks. Surgent’s video content, while it may not be as detailed, is great for busy CPA candidates, as are the mobile flashcards. 

Surgent vs Wiley: Course Features

course features
CPA Course FeaturesSurgent CPA ReviewWiley CPA Review
CPA practice questions and task-based simulations7,700 MCQ + 400 Tasks6,000 MCQ + 200 Tasks
CPA practice testsUnlimited (from practice questions)Unlimited (from practice questions)
Final review
Video lectures
Live online options
Digital flashcards
Printed flashcardsPrint-your-own option
Free updates
Unlimited access
Audio course
Free trial

Winner: Surgent has better updated, better integrated features that can help students prepare for the CPA. While both are great courses, the ReadySCORE, adaptive software, personal study planner and an enormous variety of unlimited-access content ensure optimal test preparation.

Surgent vs Wiley: Final Score

While Wiley CPAExcel and Surgent CPA both offer good, comprehensive courses, Surgent has surged ahead (no pun intended) in the last couple of years. Undergoing a complete overhaul, its updated and upgraded offerings are digitally savvy and forward-thinking. 

Students who study for the CPA with Surgent get comprehensive materials, a great app, plenty of text and audio materials, and an accurate way to know when they’re ready to get a passing score.

All of this is packaged together and affordable, including a coaching option, making it a great choice for students who want a supportive program to prepare for the CPA.

Sign up for a free trial with Surgent and find out for yourself.



Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Surgent vs Wiley.

Which CPA Review Has the Highest Pass Rate?

Surgent claims an 89.7% pass rate, while Wiley claims that “9 out of 10” students who study with them pass the CPA exam. While these numbers are a bit tricky (when put in a real world context), it is sufficient to say that people who study with a reputable, comprehensive CPA review course will do better on the CPA exam than people who self-study.

Is Surgent CPA Good?

Surgent CPA is one of the best CPA review courses. It has a full scope of video, audio, and text-based CPA exam study materials. In addition to the CPA curriculum, you can buy individual study supports and get a full adaptive curriculum, which is similar in format to the CPA exam itself. All of this is a powerful way to prepare you for the CPA exam.

How Long Does Wiley CPA Last?

There are three options for the Wiley CPA exam study materials. The most popular package—the Platinum course—automatically comes with lifetime access, or unlimited access until you pass. For the other two packages, you can get lifetime access after paying an additional fee. In addition to not losing access to your purchased materials, you’ll get all updates that are rolled out to the program for free.

How Much is Wiley CPA Review?

The Wiley CPA review courses range from $1,799 to $2,499.

Have more questions about the CPA exam or CPA review courses? Ask your Surgent vs Wiley  questions (or other questions) below!

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