Roger vs Becker: The Full CPA Review Course Comparison

roger vs becker

Anyone who is serious-minded about becoming a CPA will have to pass the CPA exam. Studying for the CPA is hard work. Most commonly, people who want to pass the CPA exam on the first try, or get a high score, will buy a CPA review course.

Roger and Becker are two of the most well-known and popular CPA review courses. Let’s dive into the differences between Roger vs. Becker, including what they cover, cost of the programs, and the key features that can help you decide which one to buy. 

If you still can’t decide after reading the key differences below, read our full review of Roger CPA or check out our comparison of the top 5 CPA courses to find a perfect fit.

Now let’s see how Roger and Becker stack up against each other.

Roger CPA Review Cost vs Becker

roger vs becker cost

The investment you make in a CPA review course will make all of the difference. But, of course, everyone’s budget is different. There are options all along the continuum. 

Each of these companies offers three pricing options. Between Roger and Becker, Rogers prices offer much better value in all three tiers.

Here’s how Roger and Becker compare in terms of price:

Roger CPA Review Cost vs Becker Compared

→ Highest
Single Course
Premiere Package
Elite Package

In addition to the full course price difference, it’s worth noting that only Roger lets you buy course material individually. This may be ideal for someone who is retaking the test or wants to hone in on a specific section.

Winner: Roger is clearly the less expensive option between the two.

Roger vs Becker: Free Trials

free trials

Getting to “try before you buy” is a huge perk for CPA prep programs. If you’re going to shell out a grand or two, you need to know that the course format and features will work for you. Because many CPA review courses have live streaming or app-based interactions, you’ll want to test it all out to make sure it works with your CPA study plans.

Roger Free TrialBecker Free Trial
7-Days free, no credit card required
FULL course access
14-Days free, no credit card required
PARTIAL course access

Although it’s a shorter period, Roger’s free trial advantage is that it includes full access to the course. Though longer, Becker’s disadvantage is that the free trial only gives partial access to the course.

Winner: Tie. Becker’s free trial is longer, but Roger’s free trial is comprehensive, allowing you to sample all the course materials and features.

Roger vs Becker: Pros & Cons

roger becker pros cons

There are advantages and disadvantages to any CPA test prep program. This is because features will vary slightly. While you should get the nuts and bolts of comparable course features—like practice tests, question banks, and video lessons—there will be some differences to look out for. 

Weighing which of the pros outweigh the cons is a personal choice, but here they stand as they relate to Becker vs Roger.

Cons for Becker CPA Review

  • Expensive
  • Pay for extended access to materials
  • Long form lectures
  • Longer response time from customer service

Pros for Becker CPA Review

  • Unlimited practice exams
  • 12 simulated practice exams
  • Large video library
  • Extra textbooks, study notes, and digital flashcards
  • Huge test bank (9,500)
  • Extra tutoring available

Cons for Roger CPA Review

  • No final review tests
  • Fewer supplemental materials

Pros for Roger CPA Review

  • Unlimited practice exams
  • Videos taught by expert instructor (and founder), Roger Philipp
  • Extra textbooks, study notes, and digital flashcards
  • Affordable
  • Huge test bank (6,000)
  • Customizable
  • Mobile app
  • Quick, easy lectures
  • Licensed CPAs for customer inquiries

Those are some of the factual elements of the course features that might make a difference as you decide between the two programs. It may be worthwhile for you to investigate some subjective content as well. Reading student reviews of both programs may provide additional insight.

Winner: Roger will probably appeal to more tech-savvy students who want a thorough treatment of CPA materials, for the best price. It’s also a winner for busy students who want to fit in bite-sized lessons and practice on the go with a mobile app.

Roger vs Becker: Course Features

becker vs roger features

Diving into the course features is a crucial point of comparison between Becker and Roger. When you compare Roger and Becker, you’ll find that—aside from the volume of material—there are some ideological differences in how things are organized and delivered. This is important to identify and understand so that you can make the right choice for your CPA exam prep.

For the sake of comparing and contrasting, course features will be stated for the most comprehensive package options for both providers.

CPA Course FeaturesRoger CPA ReviewBecker CPA Review
CPA practice questions and task-based simulations9,780Over 6,200
CPA practice testsUnlimited (from practice questions)Unlimited (from practice questions)
Final review
Video lectures
Live online options
Digital flashcards
Printed flashcardsPrint-your-own option
Free updates
Unlimited access
Audio course
Free trial

Winner: Roger. Over and over (if you read online reviews), the huge differentiator in features is that Roger is better integrated and the video lectures are far more engaging. Considering the vast range of subjects and quantity of content you’ll need to learn to become a CPA, this makes Roger a better choice for most students.

Roger vs Becker: Final Score

final score

Overall, both Becker and Roger have solid, comprehensive programs with plenty of bells and whistles. For most students, who are looking for an economical, engaging and efficient option, Roger is going to win out. 

Roger CPA has all of the great features (plus well-loved video presentations) at a fraction of the cost. If you commit the time to study, Roger will have everything you need to pass the CPA exam.

Get a 7-day free trial of Roger CPA.



Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Roger vs. Becker.

Is Roger CPA better than Becker?

Many students choose Roger over Becker because it is far less expensive and has just about the same level of features and functionality. The only real advantage of Becker is a larger test bank and built-in tutoring options (five sessions, max). Otherwise, the courses stack up pretty equally in terms of features. You can get a free trial of each to find out which you prefer.

Are Becker questions harder than CPA?

Becker has an enormous test bank (9,500+) of multiple choice questions and task based simulations. These will be questions from previous CPA exams and ones that have been written by CPA exam experts. Their difficulty level will match what is on the actual CPA exam.

Is Becker enough to pass the CPA?

Becker has comprehensive course materials that can help you pass the CPA exam. Their offerings include video lectures, textbooks, digital flashcards, and plenty of supplements. You can also upgrade to get one-on-one CPA tutoring sessions. It’s a great program that can help you get a high CPA exam score.

Is Becker the best CPA review course?

Becker is considered a good CPA review course, but there are plenty of excellent programs to choose from. Roger, Surgent, WileyCPA, and more are all great options to help you pass the CPA exam. If you are shopping online for a CPA review course, you should read reviews of the top CPA courses and see what students who used them are saying. It may also be important to download a free trial of your top options. This will give you insight into how the course actually looks and how the materials are laid out.

Have more questions about the CPA exam or CPA review courses? Ask your Roger vs Becker questions (or other questions) below!

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