New CMA Exam Curriculum Effective January 2015

New CMA Exam Curriculum Effective January 2015

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Have you heard about the CMA exam curriculum changing in 2015? There’s a lot of anxiety around this change so I want to clarify all the changes to put you at ease. 

If anything, these changes to the curriculum will help make the CMA designation more competitive and provide you with the knowledge needed to succeed in this very competitive job market. 

CMA Exam Part-One Updates

First of, the title for this part changed from Financial Planning, Performance and Control to Financial Reporting, Planning, Performance and Control.

It is still a 4-hour exam: 3 hours to answer 100 multiple-choice questions, and  1 hour for two essay questions.

The topics in Part-One are as follows:

CMA Part-One SectionsWeight
1. External Financial Reporting Decisions15%
2. Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting30%
3. Performance Management20%
4. Cost Management20%
5. Internal Controls15%

CMA Exam Part-Two Updates

The title of this part remained the same Financial Decision Making.

It is still a 4-hour exam: 3 hours to answer 100 multiple-choice questions, and  1 hour for two essay questions.

The topics in Part-Two are as follows:

CMA Part-Two SectionsWeight
1. Financial Statement Analysis25%
2. Corporate Finance20%
3. Decision Analysis20%
4. Risk Management10%
5. Investment Decisions15%
6. Professional Ethics10%

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the changes were not as significant as most people thought. There’s no reason to panic. If you study and prepare adequately, you’ll pass the exam. 

If you plan to take the exam in 2015, it’s best to purchase 2015 edition textbooks. If you use 2014 or older, there’s a high chance that new concepts and topics will not be covered and failing the exam increases dramatically. 

Don’t risk failing because of these changes. Enrol in my instructor-led CMA prep course, CMA Exam Academy, today. My students have a 92% pass rate — much better than the average pass rate of 35%. 

Make this the year that you pass the exam and become a Certified Management Accountant. I’m here to help make the journey easier for you.

Do you have any questions about the 2015 CMA exam? Drop a comment and I’ll get back to you.


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52 Comments on “New CMA Exam Curriculum Effective January 2015”

    1. Lipun,

      Do you prefer to self-study or take an instructor-led course? Depending on your preference, there are several options.

      For self-study check out Gleim.

      For an instructor-led prep course, check out CMA Exam Academy.

    2. Dear Sir / Madam

      My Qualification Bachelor of Commerce Complete at Saurashtra Univercity Gujarat .
      Now I Study CMA Course Require Guidance For This. how to get admission For This Course. I At India .


  1. I have a big problem with essay questions -the theoretical part- , what’s your recommendations ? or what i can do to enhance my performance in this part of essay questions ?

    Thanks and good luck 🙂

  2. Thanks Nathan for this information. For those of us planning on taking the second part in 2015, this update relieves some of the anxiety related to the changes. Appreciate you keeping us up to date and in the loop.

    Sean Grant
    Current CMA Coach Student

  3. Hello Nathan,

    I iam using 2014 version of Wiley text book . Will it affect my studies. Is there any way to get the changed part from wiley.

    Thank you
    Jithin Abraham

  4. Hello,
    I am a CMA candidate passed Part 1 & preparing for part 2 now … I will take the exam on feb. I want to ask a question that I will be examined in feb 2015 window but with the old material or the new one?! please advice .. I do appreciate your cooperation …

    Best regards

    Mahaba Abed

      1. Really??? but I heard that I will be able to try it up to sep/oct 2015 on the old material because I have already an old membership with IMA … oh my God it is a bad news if I should be on the new material coz am preparing myself nowadays & studying the old material 🙁

          1. thank you dear,
            but another question.. in case that I Passed Part 1 I will not be required to repeat it right??

  5. Hi,
    my query is ..we have to get at least 360 outa 500 to pass . now those who are able to go to section B of the paper have to clear at least 50% which means we need to have at least 250 marks to go to section B (case study)?? and a total of 360 to pass the exams??

    Secondly where can I can purchase latest practice questions for both Part 2 and part 1 please?both mcqs and case study…

    Best Regards

  6. Hello sir firstly i wanna telll u that since 2008 when i cleared my inter science exams then i plan to do Acca I started but not passed in any acca exam then i start cma pakistan before given any paper of cma pakistan i heared about cma usa so now guide me what would i do is cma usa is relevant for me i m waiting for ur answer

    1. Hi Mohammad,

      The CMA-USA designation is recognized globally and is the top credential in management accounting and financial management. To learn more about how to become a CMA, click on this link. I’m here to help if you questions after reading that page. Thanks

  7. Dear Nathan,

    I failed P2 twice with the same score of 340, in June and October 2014. I have recently learnt about the re-grading. Do you advise me to consider re-grading?

    1. Hi MG, The cost for a re-grade is $100. It may be worth doing it in your case since you failed twice. Call the IMA and get the process going forward.

  8. Iam pursuing my III yr.. Will i be able to write cma while doing a job.. Wat d u advice me to do.. Really want to get settled with in 1 Yr. Plz help me

    1. Syed, you can definitely do it within 1 year. All it really takes is 6 months of preparation to become a CMA, but you’ll need a solid study plan and materials.

      Check out my #1 Online Coaching Program if you are interested in being coached by me.

  9. i can please send the syudy plan for 2015 i had ur study plan but a older one can please help me with study plan with updated topics

  10. Dear Nathan,
    Hope you are fine.
    I registered with IMA for preparing for CMA exam in 2014 but was not able to study and appear for exam due to busy office schedule.
    I am planning to register again with the IMA, however i need your help for availing me a Video Coaching, i have already bought Gleim CMA review for part 1 but not getting time for studying. Can you please let me know whether Gleim CMA will suffice my study or i need to buy a Video class?

    1. Ayaz,

      Do you do well self studying? If so, the Gleim course will be enough for you. However, if you need someone to hold you accountable and also help you throughout the course, consider enrolling in a coaching program such as CMA Exam Academy.

  11. Hi,
    I am planning to take part 1 exam in january 2016.can you suggest the weightage pattern for part 1 topics.

  12. hi,
    I am planning to write my part 2 exam in jan- feb window.can u tell me the weightage per section for the part 2 exam.

  13. Hi Nathan,

    Will Wiley text books and online test banks be sufficient to pass Part 1 of the CMA Exam? I have been practicing the online test bank questions provided by Wiley and I would like to know if I would be facing similar types of questions for the exam.

    1. Hi Rilky,

      It depends on how high you are scoring in your online tests. I’m finding that most candidates need extra support to explain difficult concepts and formulas. If you find yourself in a similar situation consider enrolling in a program that includes coaching such as CMA Exam Academy.

      If you are doing well with the textbooks and test bank alone then I don’t think you’ll need anything else. But it all depends on how high your scores are.

  14. hi,

    please if u can help me for CMA intensive course in USA in Chicago cuz i wanna to visit america in mar 2016.

    1. Hi Mohammed, are you looking for an intensive course in Chicago or an intensive course in general?

  15. Hi …Am sitting for P1 in june 2016 and the syllabus I have is of 2015 edition. So , I just wanted to confirm Am I using correct syllabus or need to upgrade to 2016 edition?? I learnt from some youtube videos, that 2016 Edition is for those who will be sitting for exams in 2017. Is it so?

    P.S. I am doing self studies so need your guidance with it.

  16. I am 58+.I took voluntary retirement from a Public Sector Bank in India after working 30+ years as an Officer and presently working with a Chartered Accountant in India.
    I did my M.Sc in Science and PG Diploma in Financial Management.
    I am planning to settle in US with my children who are GC holders.But I can’t sit quite after joing my children in US.
    With this background I wish to pursue CMA-IMA and get some suitable job.
    How can I proceed? Pl suggest..

    1. Hi Venkata,

      I suggest that you join me on a webinar where I’ll show you how to prepare for the CMA exam. Click here to reserve your spot for an upcoming webinar

  17. Dear Sir,

    Can I use Gleim 2015 edition (Part 1) for SEP 2017 attempt? Is there any changes in material?

  18. Hi Nathan Liao,
    Iam sitting for both parts of CMA this october. Is the official Wiley material alone is sufficient?

    1. Hi Arjun,

      If you can self-study, then yes, the Wiley materials should suffice. But if you feel you need a coach to support you in your CMA journey, then you can enroll in a coaching course here.
      It’s a step-by-step study system that includes in-depth video lessons that cover all topics tested in the exam, weekly assignments to help you reinforce the subject matter and to prepare you for the next module, and unlimited 1-on-1 coaching for you to ask as many questions as you need to truly grasp the material.

      Hope this helps 🙂

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