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Thank you all for participating in the Gleim CMA giveaway. Your responses were fantastic, but there can only be one winner.  After pulling the name from a hat, the winner is Paulette Mendes! Congratulations!!

Please email me from the same email address used to enter the contest to redeem your Gleim CMA learning system.

Hello CMA Candidates:

Gleim-CMA is sponsoring another giveaway! One lucky winner will take away a Gleim CMA Part-One or Part-Two learning system absolutely free!

One of the best Certified Management Accountant study materials

Gleim CMA is with no doubt one of the top two best cma test prep providers in the industry. Thousands of candidates pass the certified management accountant exam by using their review system. This is also why I rated them 5 out of 5 stars!

Gleim CMA Contest Rules

The rules to enter the contest are very simple:

  1. Read over my Best CMA Review Course Comparison Chart
  2. Come back to this post and at the bottom leave a comment telling me the 3 features you like the most about Gleim’s review system.
  3. Like this post on Facebook by using the Facebook Like button at the bottom.

That’s it. It’s a very simple contest to enter and participate in. This will be the last giveaway until after September so don’t miss out on winning the grand prize!

When is the deadline?

The deadline to submit your comment and LIKE this post on Facebook is June 16, 2014  so don’t wait and enter the contest now!

And There’s a Bonus for the Winner

In addition to Gleim’s CMA review, the winner will receive a copy of the CMA Coach Study Guide and the Two Definitive Guides to CMA Exam Formulas.

With Gleim’s review course and my bonus, you will have all that you need to pass the CMA exam! Don’t miss out on this awesome giveaway. 

If you are new to CMA Coach, I encourage you to subscribe to my community to stay informed of the giveaway. In addition, you will receive my free 12-week study course that is already helping thousands of CMA candidates prepare for the exam. [subscribebox]

Best of luck to all of you!


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12 Comments on “Gleim CMA Review Course Giveaway”

  1. I appreciate that this article lists the top available study programs available, saving time searching online. I also like that it provides a quick summary of what each program provides. And finally, I appreciate the accurate price listing and links directly to the programs including the discounts available. Thank you for providing this information!

  2. The 3 features Iliked the most about Gleim’s review system are Personal Counselor,Money-Back Guarantee if You Fail and Subject-Matter Expert Support. I thin these features will surly give you the needed motivations to become a CMA. As a Self-Study system, sometimes it is necessary to get things explained and clarified by an expert to easily get the comprehensive understanding of the topic. Getting your Money back in case you fall will encourage those who are not even interested in CMA and will push them to at lease thinking of becoming a CMA.


  3. After reading over the Best CMA Review Course Comparison Chart, the three features I like the most about Gleim’s review system are:

    1) Mock Tests Close to the Real Exam
    2) Personal Counselor
    3) Exam-Pass Guarantee

  4. The following are the reasons the best I found in Gliem materials;
    1. Personal Counselor – Great! It is important someone who helps for difficult questions.
    2. Money-back Guarantee – Give us a confidence, select the best.
    3. Easy to understand the major topics.

  5. The three features that I like about the GLEIM study materials:

    1. The material provides mock test which are close to the exam (this is the most important criteria for me in evaluating any program).

    What distinguishes GLEIM from the rest of the programs are these other two reasons I like their study materials:

    2. They provide tailored support through a personal counselor and SME support to address specific questions.

    3. Using social media as a support / learning mechanism by providing a forum for candidates to interact.


    1. Congratulations Paulette, you are the winner of the Gleim CMA giveaway. Please email me to redeem your grand prize!

  6. I like the Gleim system because it has 1) the Mock tests are close to the real ones 2) the indepth knowledge 3) personal counselor .. I hope i win CMA part 2.. Since i purchased part 1.

  7. Three features I like most about Gleim’s review system are:
    1. Availability of personal counselor.
    2. Exam pass guarantee
    3. Customizable study plan

  8. 3 things I liked about Gleim review course are :
    1. Its precise and to the point, its like notes vs bulky study modules. So if you have prior knowledge about the terms and concepts , its best.

    2. I love the online study pattern offered by Gleim.

    3. Personal Counselor who helps you with problems and also help stay on track!

  9. The features i like include:

    • Largest and widest MCQs base with a very user friendly appearance of the software.
    • Moderate price of the review system.
    • Exam pass & Money back guarantee

  10. The 3 features i liked about Gleim’s review system are

    1. Access to Personal Counselor
    2. Video Reviews to solving exam questions which no other publisher is providing
    3. IMA Approved Learning System

  11. Gleim’s most valued features are:

    1. A Personal Counselor to assist you
    2. The audio review to play during my commute
    3. Exam-Pass Guarantee

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