Nathan Liao, CMA Coach, LLC and have used their best efforts in preparing and publishing the CMA Coach Study Guide. The parties, however, make no representations, guarantees or warranties with respect to the accuracy, applicability, timeliness, fitness or completeness of the CMA Coach Study Guide eBook. The information contained in said publication is for educational purposes only and created to assist you to in preparing for and passing the CMA exams.

Every effort has been made by Nathan Liao, CMA Coach, LLC and to accurately represent the product and its potential in assisting a purchaser with preparing for and taking the relevant CMA exams. There is no guarantee, however, that you will pass the CMA exam using the strategies, approaches, techniques and information contained in the eBook. Examples in the publication are just that – examples. They are not to be interpreted by you as a promise or guarantee regarding how to pass the CMA exam.

Your success in attaining the results noted and claimed in the eBook and accompanying marketing materials depends entirely upon the time you devote to learning and applying the strategies, techniques and information detailed in the eBook as well as your education, knowledge and specific skills learned through formal education. Given that these factors differ from individual to individual, there can be no guarantee that you will succeed in your efforts to pass the CMA exams.

Nathan Liao, CMA Coach, LLC and disclaim any express or implied warranties, fitness or merchantability for any purpose. We shall not be held liable, and you expressly agree as such, for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, punitive or other form of damages whether consequential or equitable in nature arising from the use of this material, directly or indirectly. The material is provided “AS IS” and without warranty.

Nathan Liao is the author and copyright holder of the CMA Coach Study Guide eBook. ALL rights associated with this work are reserved by the author. No part of this eBook may be copied in whole or part, changed into any other format, sold, used, or given away for free without the express, written permission of Nathan Liao.

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