CMA Exam Study Notes: Planning & Budgeting Concepts

CMA Exam Study Notes

CMA Exam: The Planning & Budgeting Process There are various types of budgets such as flexible, zero-based, and static. Something “not being in the budget” is a common reason all of us have heard being mentioned at one time or another. A budget is prepared well ahead of the period that it comprises, and it is basically based on historical … Read More

CMA Exam Study Notes: Top 10 Best Practices of Budgeting

CMA Exam Study Notes

Business budgeting is an extremely important financial tool available to any enterprise. Maintaining both short and long-term financial plans enable enterprises to control their cash flow, profitability, cost, etc. Here’s a list of the top 10 best practices of budgeting: Best Practice #1: Short & Long-Term Plans The most efficient financial budget comprises of both short-term month-to-month plan for a … Read More

CMA Exam Study Notes: The Budget Development Process

CMA Exam Study Notes

The budget development process commonly includes the preparation of budget guidelines and directives; a mechanism for synchronizing the budget preparation and review; procedures to expedite budget review, analysis, modification, and adoption; reporting on variances; and use of the variance reports. The whole process can be classified under the following steps: Step #1: Budget Guidelines & Directives This is the first … Read More

CMA Exam Study Notes: Characteristics of Successful Budgeting

CMA Exam Study Notes

What are the most important characteristics of successful budgeting? To be successful, a budget must be Well-Planned, Flexible, Realistic, and Clearly Communicated. The Budget Must Address the Enterprise’s Goals Essentially, a budget must begin with the enterprise’s short and long-term plans and goals. The budget should not just to recreate the enterprise’s previous year’s results with slight changes. It must … Read More

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