Wiley vs Becker: A Full CPA Course Comparison

wiley vs becker

Critical thinking isn’t just a skill you need to know to pass the CPA exam. You’ll need to bring an analytical eye to the very beginning of the process, as you choose between popular CPA prep courses like Wiley vs. Becker. How do you pick a CPA review course? Do your homework. Read the CPA course comparisons, and decide which … Read More

Surgent vs Wiley: A Detailed CPA Course Comparison

surgent vs wiley

Adaptive? Check. Comprehensive? Check. Multimedia? Check. Surgent vs Wiley is a tough decision between two popular CPA review programs that tick a lot of important boxes.  Both CPA programs are well-liked by people who are studying for the exam, but there are some differences that may make one of them an obvious choice for you. If you’re looking into Surgent … Read More

Yaeger vs Roger: A Full CPA Course Comparison

yaeger vs roger

CPA prep is an all-important season of focused studying. This intensive time of memorization and skill-building is best aided by a solid CPA review course. Deciding between two of the best and most popular options, Yaeger vs Roger, is a common dilemma. Both of these programs have helped thousands of students prepare for the CPA exam, and they both have … Read More

Roger vs Becker: The Full CPA Review Course Comparison

roger vs becker

Anyone who is serious-minded about becoming a CPA will have to pass the CPA exam. Studying for the CPA is hard work. Most commonly, people who want to pass the CPA exam on the first try, or get a high score, will buy a CPA review course. Roger and Becker are two of the most well-known and popular CPA review … Read More

What’s the Average CPA Pass Rate? Here’s the Hard Data

cpa exam pass rates

The CPA exam is tough. About half of the people who take it get a passing score. What this means is that it’s a test to be taken seriously. CPA exam statistics can help candidates learn how to study and plan for the best time to take the test.  Plenty of factors impact your chances of passing the CPA exam. … Read More