CMA vs CIA – Which Is Right For You

It’s no secret, there are several different accounting certifications. Identifying the core differences between them is essential when you’re trying to decide which is right for you though. Things can become confusing with so many abbreviations and similarities, so I’m going to break things down real simple. After popular demand, I am going to compare the CMA vs CIA designations.

CMA vs CIMA – Which Should You Choose?

Today I wanted to talk about two of the most notable designations across the globe – the CMA vs CIMA. As you may know, when you become certified as a CMA in the United States, it is overseen by the IMA – Institute of Management Accountants. In the UK however, this designation is handled by the CIMA, or Chartered Institute … Read More

Management Accounting Certifications

There are so many management accounting certifications out there that it can get a bit confusing. In order to help clear the air, I’m going to break down four of the leading management accountant certifications across the globe. IMA – United States In the United States, the CMA designation is overseen by the IMA, Institute of Management Accountants. At present … Read More