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Fast Forward Academy CMA Review is one of the newest CMA exam prep providers to hit the markets. It’s already gaining the trust and sponsorship of various universities across the United States, it is a review program to take into serious consideration when preparing for the CMA exam.

A leader in using technology to the candidates advantage, Fast Forward Academy has come up with some amazing tools for students to utilize. Their comprehensive study planner, digital fastbook, course textbooks and practice exams are just a few that we will go into further detail below.

What’s Fast Forward CMA All About?

The Fast Forward Academy exam prep program offers a complete review of the topics covered in the CMA exam to teach you the fundamentals and help you pass.

It provides candidates with interactive and intelligent textbooks with over 2,400 study questions and practice exams. It logs your progress and gives you in-depth performance reviews along the way, it also includes access to academic support, an online community and games for a fun take on learning.

Priding themselves on convenience and technological advances the Fast Forward Academy CMA review is a game changer in terms of keeping yourself organized.

Most review programs will have you fill out a schedule program on an online calendar to sync with your email or handwritten day timer that you are required to stay on top of.

Fast Forward Academy has you fill out your schedule and will send you notifications via text message to make sure you stay on track. Hands down one of the best no-excuse methods out there because we all know we’re attached to our cell phones. It also has the option to reschedule should something get in the way, so that you can advance through the review without falling behind.

CMA Exam Strenghs

1. Study Bank

In the Study Bank, students have access to data and graphs that show analysis of where most candidates struggle in the exam, so that they can overcome these obstacles. The questions are targeted for each individual test taker, adding to the personalized experience.

2. Performance Indicators

It also shows detailed performance graphs of your own progress, so that you can see your own faults and begin to work on your own short comings — you won’t struggle during the exam if you studied with your strengths and weaknesses in mind.

3. Community Database

The interactive Fastbook compares your own personal progress to that of a community database. This advantage can really drive the point home of where extra time needs to be put, but wait, there’s more! It also has the option of “FastFocus,” which will pinpoint exactly what lessons you need to brush up on and will take you to the exact pages of the online textbook for you to review.

4. Price

FFA has the lowest price in the market at the moment. Their full course per part is just $469 after the 10% OFF Discount offered to CMA Coach readers! To claim your discount simply click this link: Get Discount Now

5. Value

If you’re not looking to study a lot for this test, maybe because you’ve taken it already or just feel overly prepared, this could be the course for you. There’s not a lot of harm in trying such a bargain, as you can always upgrade to one of the more expensive offerings if you don’t feel prepared.

Course Cons

1. Brand Recognition

A potential downfall of the Fast Forward Academy CMA Review program is that because it hasn’t been on the market for as long, it is still developing a reputation, unlike other reviews such as Gleim or Wiley CMAexcel who are the long time leaders of CMA Reviews.

2. Textbooks

Fast Forward’s textbooks are very condensed and are not as extensive as the other providers’. This can be a negative if you are looking for in-depth content in textbooks.

3. Support

While the support for this course is adequate, other review companies have a more built out infrastructure and can handle inquiries that require extensive back and forth.

Depending on your own personal learning style this course is definitely worth a shot. For those who need the extra push like a friendly text message to open up the books, I would highly suggest this program.

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Fast Forward Academy CMA Course Information

Fast Forward Academy CMA Course Strengths 
1. Comprehensive Study Planner
2. Save 10% with Exclusive CMA Coach Coupon Code
3. More Than 2,400 Practice Questions & Exams
4. Advanced Scheduling Reminders
5. Detailed Performance Graphs
6. Fast Focus Feature to Pinpoint Lessons You Need to Brush Up on


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11 Comments on “Fast Forward Academy CMA Review”

  1. For a New comer to CMA programme. I feel fast forward cant provide good explanation like HOCK material

  2. Nathan,

    It looks like a very interactive program with high level adaptive learning; however, do you know if it offers essay practice? I am looking at this program very closely as my study guide as for the price with or without books it appears to be very through enough to work with your guide which I just received. It also offers unlimited access until pass which is very uncommon of most of the other reviews.

  3. I have been so busy the last few years. Now I would like to get back to get my CMA. My concern is that I have been out of school for a very long time and feel I need to understand and review the texts and concepts being tested. Would I be able to get that from your approach/method?

    1. ooops I just read that your textbooks are very condensed and are not extensive as others. Do you know other resources that I could use other than wiley and gleam? They are pricey.

  4. Hi,
    I liked your CMA coach website and found pricing of Fast Forward quite reasonable. However,
    the IMA registration and exam fees are quite high.

    My educational qualifications are B COM and MBA (Finance). My question is – Presently I am not employed and therefore want to pursue professional qualification of IMA – CMA. Since, I am not employed right now and can I register with IMA under student registration route to save costs?

    1. Satyakam,

      I’m not sure if that’s possible, but give them a call and ask if they will make an exception for you.

    1. Hi Razan. Please check my coaching course here. It includes all the study tools you need to prepare for the CMA exam, as well as unlimited coaching for you to ask as many questions as you need to fully grasp the material.

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