CMA’s Making More Money in 2017

CMA Salary

According to IMA’s salary survey that was released not too long ago, those with the CMA designation will be enjoying greater earning power this year!

If you were on the fence about taking the CMA exam, unsure if the certification was right for your career path then this may be the push you were looking for.

With the economy in its current state, it’s not exactly common to hear about salary increases, so just how much more can you expect to earn?

You may have read on my CMA earning potential post (if you haven’t, read it now!) that the average annual income for a non-­certified professional is $92,639, but for those with the designation you can earn 31% more! That’s nearly one third more than accountants without the CMA certification.

Makes all the exam prep and stress worth it, now doesn’t it?

To read the full survey findings, click here.

Now tell me, have you been questioning your decision to take the CMA exam? Comment below, ­ I’d love to hear where you’re at!


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